Hardwood Floors Can Get Filthy. Check Out 10 Incredible Ways to Clean Them


When you are in a situation to decide what kind of floor to put in your home, two issues are very important cost and quality. Most people, however, have estimated that wood is an option, because although it is more expensive, it gives a rich feeling to the feet, and its natural beauty and its warmth attract all homeowners.

There are several classes of flooring materials but any type of wood gives a sense of luxury and elegance, enhancing the overall ambiance of any home.

Before we explain how to maintain wooden floors, we want to share some information about the advantages and disadvantages of wooden floors.

Pros of Hardwood Flooring

  • –           A long-term investment

–           Variety

  • Brazilian cherry
  • Tigerwood
  • Australian Cypress
  • Brazilian Walnut
  • Teak
  • Brazilian Chestnut
  • Hickory
  • Oak (Red and White)
  • Santos Mahogany

–           Quality that is ageless

–           Easy maintenance and hygiene

–           Healthy air quality at home

–           Better for babies

–           Good acoustics

–           Improves the value of your home

–           Organic

–           Easy installation

Cons of Hardwood Flooring

–           Higher Cost

–           Prone to termite attack

–           Sensitive to water contact

–           Scratching

–           Limited usage (not for bathroom and kitchen)

–           Cupping

–           Crowning

–           Molds

–           Noise

Here we share a few handy ways to keep your hardwood floors in perfect shape.

  1. Repair dents with an iron

If for any reason you notice a dent on the hardwood floor, don’t worry, try to repair it by applying a trick with an iron. Wet a small indentation, then moisten a cloth and place it on the indentation. Rub with a hot iron on a damp cloth in circles for a few minutes. If there is dirt in the dent, it should be cleaned first.

  1. Remove permanent marker from your wood floors

When you find various “works of art” drawn by your children on the floor, be sure that it is not permanent. Apply a little white toothpaste over the drawing and then remove the trace with a microfiber cloth.

  1. Make your own wood floor cleaner

Instead of expensive floor cleaners, you can make your own. Make a mixture of 1 cup of water with 3/4 cup of vinegar, 2 drops of dish soap, 1/2 cup of rubbing alcohol, and 5 to 1o drops of your favorite scented oil in a spray bottle. After wiping the wooden floor, spray with a cleaning agent and wipe it with a soft cloth.

  1. Hello Magic Eraser, goodbye scuffs

Stains on wooden floors can be solved in an instant with the use of a magic eraser to erase the traces on the surface.

  1. Use canola oil to remove scratches

In a small bowl, mix 2 parts canola oil (or vegetable oil) and 1 part vinegar. Cover the scratches with the mixture and gently rub it into the wood, not even the mixture needs to be wiped off.

  1. Remove pet urine from your wood floors

Your pet’s urine in the room should be removed as soon as possible. This should be done while it is still wet, so suck in as much moisture as possible. Sprinkle with baking soda and dry completely in a damp place, leaving to stand overnight. Wash with a mild detergent.

  1. Use a microfiber cloth for general cleaning

Remove dust with a microfiber cloth, which is a soft material and protects your floors from scratches.

  1. Remove gum with ice

Remove the stuck-on-rubber from the wooden floors using a piece of ice, which will freeze the glue, and then use a razor to remove the rubber from the floor. This trick is also applicable to other adhesives or tapes.

  1. Use a walnut to remove scratches

You can remove scratches if you have nuts on hand, by rubbing the walnuts on the scratch until the scratch lightens or disappears.

  1. Clean your floors with black tea

In 1 quart of boiling water put four tea bags and let it soak for as long as possible. Apply the cool tea on the floor, then with rag damp (not soaked) wipe your floors down.

Warning: This method is not safe for laminate flooring.




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