Hearts Break As Grieving Horse Smells Late Owner’s Casket And Emotionally Breaks Down


People have been using horses for help ever since they learned how to tame them. They were as a means of transportation, plowing fields, and other things.

Nowadays, horses are not as used as much as in the past. However, many people in some parts of the world still ride horses. These people connect with their animals and establish a special bond with them.

Wagner Lima connected deeply with his horse Sereno and Sereno also enjoyed the company of Wagner. These best friends spend an incredible eight years together living in Brazil. However, their life together turned to the worst.

Wagner suffered an accident while riding a motorcycle and passed away shortly after the crash. His horse, Sereno, did not know what happen and was waiting for him patiently. However, his best friend never came back, and the horse thought that Wagner abandoned him.

When Wagner’s family figured out what was happening with the horse, they decided to show him what happened. Wagner’s brother decided to bring the horse to his brother’s funeral.

Sereno started sniffing the coffin, and he knew that his best friend was inside it. This act was very shocking and emotional for everyone around him. When the horse figured out what happened, he started making sad noises and laid his head on the coffin as an act of the last goodbye. The horse knew that he will never see his best friend again and started hitting the ground.

Wagner kept the horse close, thus becoming a part of his own family, which made Wagner happy. As of right now, Wagner’s brother is taking care of the horse and is planning to give him the same amount of love as his Wagner gave him.

A certified behaviorist, Robin Foster, claims that humans are building strong relationships with their horses through reciprocal altruism. When the horses act kindly, the owner rewards the horse with kindness.

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