Hemp is the New Oak: America’s First Hemp “Wood” Factory is Being Built


Developing of the hemp “hardwood” was a focus of the people who have strived to be a catalyst for a cultural shift to sustainable materials and lifestyle during the last decade.

It was successfully done by the factory called Fibonacci LLC, which headquarter is located in Kentucky, where more than 40,000 acres of hemp is already being cultivated.

Hemp Wood is a revolutionary timber technology that is used for the production of the wood substitute products with lower ecologic footprints than timber alternatives.

These products will be used as consumer products, for furniture, flooring, and building materials

Before hemp was legalized, the bamboo flooring industry was developed by Greg Wilson. He is the owner of the company that uses technology popularized by China’s strand-woven bamboo industry.

Another of his company SmartOak creates engineered wood products from logs that would otherwise be turned into wood chips.

“HempWood” was the name of his patented product. This product is made out of compressed hemp pulp fibers, held together with a soy-based glue. All the prices of the products made of this branch of the wood are far cheaper than the oak. 

Besides the cheaper price than the products made of oak, these wood products are 20 percent harder, and the trees grow 100 times as fast. The hemp needs about 6 months to mature.

The high demand for solid oak furniture has made it among the most endangered trees in the planet, which can be substituted by the products of the hemp wood.

In order to stimulate this innovation, the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority gave Fibonacci $300,000 in tax incentives.

The number of employed people is planned to be around 25, and the company will be supported in free recruitment and job placement services from the Kentucky Skills Network.

The Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin stated that this new product will open up new possibilities within the construction and woodworking industries and points.  It is expected that hemp can offer out some of the undiscovered capabilities in numerous sectors.





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