Here Is How To Detox Your Body Through Your Feet

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People who want to detox their bodies are trying different methods, by taking some prescribed drugs and using natural ways.

One of the most effective ways of detoxifying the body is a Chinese medicine foot detox method. This is a great way to get rid of all the toxins in your body, which actually involves several similar methods.

Chinese have discovered many energy points in the feet since they started applying these methods of healing. Those points are linked to the organs in the body and can be stimulated to help to treat every problem with the organs.

Methods of quick body cleanse detox

1. Ionic Foot Bath DIY

This method uses the process of electrolysis, which allows removing the damaging toxins with the help of the electrical existing by activating an internal chemical reaction. This chemical reaction aggravates the elimination of toxins in the body.

This method is based on the baths in the solution of water and salt. All you need to do is to place the feet inside and keep them in until the water become dark.

2. Salt Detox Bath

For this method you need:

-One cup of apple cider vinegar

-Two cups of Baking soda

-One cup of Sea salt

-Two or three drops of some essential oil

-One cup Epsom salt

How to prepare the bath?

1)Boil one bowl of water

2)Add Epsom salt and sea salt and stir

3)Use hot water to fill your tub and pour the mixture inside

4)Add the apple cider vinegar

Your bath is now ready to soak and keep the feet for 30 minutes. The toxins in this bath will disappear in a natural way.

3. Clay Detox Bath

Here are the ingredients what you need:

-Half a cup of Epsom salt

-Three or four drops of some essential oil

-Half a cup Bentonite clay

How to prepare your bath?

1)Boil one pot of water

2)Add Epsom salt letting it melt

3)Add the bentonite clay and the essential oil

4)Keeping your feet in this bath for half an hour, and you will get rid of the toxins.

By doing this bath your levels of magnesium will be boosted too.

4. Oxygen Detox Bath

Here are the ingredients needed:

-A tablespoon of powdered ginger

-Two cups of hydrogen peroxide

How to prepare your bath?

1)Fill your tub with hot water

2)Add all the ingredients in the tub

3)Take 30 minutes soaking in that bath

Besides eliminating toxins, this way will help you fight allergies and skin irritations.

5. Foot Detox Pads

This method includes foot detox pads, which can be purchased in the health stores.

For applying this method you have to:

-Put the pads on your soles before sleep

-In the morning, the pads should be black due to the removal of toxins

-Do this several times to get best results.



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