Holland Becomes The First Country Without Stray Dogs


The world would be so much happier if there were no stray dogs. Holland took the initiative and found all of their stray dogs a home. They completely changed the lives of the dogs and allowed them to live one with love and happiness. Specific actions were taken by the government to make this a success and implemented the PSVIR method (pick, sterilize, vaccinate, identify, and return). Because of that, Holland became the first country to save these poor animals from the terror of the streets in 2016. This idea should be copied everywhere in the world.

Holland has had a huge dog population since the 19th century. Almost every family in Holland had a dog as a pet because people viewed it as a social status symbol. However, the large population of dogs that lived in the country created an outbreak of rabies which became the biggest cause of death. Many owners feared the situation and started abandoning their pets. Because this action was considered legal at the time, streets started to get filled with stray dogs.

The government of Holland wanted to change these circumstances and started doing so by organizing days in which castration and sterilization were mandatory and free of charge. The government was able to sterilize 70% of female dogs. Additionally, every dog had a medical examination to verify the vaccines and medical services it required.

In order to end the issue once and for all, the government passed a law that protected animals and approved an additional law that was related to animal welfare and health. The new legislation was an encouragement to the owners to provide pets with the suitable treatment and eliminating abuse. If owners do not follow these laws, they could be punished with a fine higher than $16,000 and up to three years in prison.

Dog owners choose their dogs by adopting them or buying breeding dogs because they think of them as more beautiful and healthy. This is why the government decided to raise the taxes on purchasing dogs in stores. Therefore, dog owners started considering the expenses and start considering other ways to get pets which increases the chances of adopting stray dogs.

The government also started a campaign to raise awareness which allowed people the chance to take care of homeless puppies. People fell in love with the puppies and through the campaign, more than a million stray dogs were housed with a family and a safe and loving place to live. This had a massive impact on the citizens, leading to 90% of the population to adopt a dog.

The government worked through all of the hardships and figured out a way to solve their problems. After achieving what they had done, the government delegated the job to “Animal Cops” in 2011 which is a group of policemen in charge of the safety and protection of dogs. As of today, puppies that live in Holland are all living in comfortable homes and are accepted in most restaurants, stores, and other establishments.





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