Holland Covers Hundreds of Bus Stops With Plants as Gift to Honeybees


A city in the Netherlands covers hundreds of bus stop roofs with plants as a gift to honeybees.

These plant roofs are generally made up of sedum plants cover 316 bus stops in greenery in Utrecht.

These rooftops support the biodiversity of the city helping the bumblebees and honeybees. It also helps store rainwater and captures the dust which improves the quality of air.

Workers that drive in electric vehicles are the ones responsible to look after the roofs. The bus stops also have a fitted energy-efficient LED lights and bamboo benches.

These rooftops are one of the measures that Utrecht implemented to improve the quality of air.

The city also plans to add 55 electric buses and have a completely clean public transport by 2028.

The Dutch windmills will be responsible for powering the buses.

Additionally, Utrecht allows residents to apply for funding for the transformation of their own roofs to green roofs.



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