Holographic Hair Is The Hottest (and most magical) Hair Trend Of 2020


Many people enjoy the rain after rain occurs in nature, but now that beauty has been transferred to many things that a person does, even hair coloring, using the holographic technique. It is characterized by multidimensional metallic or pastel shades, the strands look opalescent and change color.

In her interview with Redken colorist Chialom Marvici of the Modern Salon, she explains that the holographic trend is achieved by a technique called hand-pressed coloring.

This method of coloring uses screen printing and brings them to your locals. This allows the stylist to paint different patterns on the plexiglass sheet with color, then place some of the hair on the glass, and transfer the color to the strands of hair. Using pastel shades of pink, blue and lavender, the stylist repeats the process on different sections of hair or repeatedly in the same section to change the color intensity. By applying this technique, stylists are faster than when applying other popular color applications such as foil and balayage and this gives them greater control over the vibrancy of the look.

Not many stylists have learned this technique from Marvici, but it is believed that it will take longer. What everyone needs to know is that not everyone can apply this technique, but only clients who have light or gray hair (such as blonde), so if this is not your case then do not go to the salon.

Those who decide to go to the salon and fulfilled the preconditions will have a great result because their hair will look like it is sprinkled with pixie dust, which is a true fun trend.



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