Homeless Charity Named ‘The Bus Shelter’ Provides Authentic 7-Bed Sleeping Pods


The Bus Shelter MK, established in 2017, is a place of shelter and help for the homeless people wanting to turn their condition around and reintegrate themselves into mainstream society.

The charity also has a brand new 7-bed bus-themed facility to keep the ones that at these times are the most vulnerable. The idea is to get them off the streets during the bitterly cold winter evenings in the area of Buckinghamshire.

Each bedroom in the homeless shelter is lined in a hygienic board, with Altro safety flooring. LED down lights, USB wall…

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Anyone may become a victim of homelessness, and it does not discriminate. Plenty of us, both writing this and the people reading this are just a couple of pay packets away from losing our own homes. So we need to empathize.

New 40ft. Container for @thebussheltermk to be converted into a 7 bed homeless shelter 🛏


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The Mission

The mission of The Bus Shelter MK, operated by a group of ordinary citizens and dependent on active fundraisings and donations by generoud people, as well as auctions, is to help their residents return to life where they can take care of themselves and stop sleeping on the streets.

“We are moving to a new long term home and delivering a new era for The Bus Shelter MK.” Pam Williams, Chair of the…

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Providing them with a nice and warm place to sleep and a food-filled belly is only the beginning of the process.

The homeless bus was an excellent idea that gave people who would otherwise be on the streets a comfortable place to sleep. But the charity needed to adapt to the pandemic with COVID-19 restrictions discouraging communal sleeping within homeless shelters.

They have had a covid-secure sleeping pod designed. The design was sketched by Coventry-based company Doodle Create thanks to the support from the Masonic Charitable Trust and the John Apthorp Charity.

This authentic pod will replace the bus and include, in line with Covid regulations, comfy, separate bedrooms. On the front of the pod, the eye-catching graphic recognizes the roots of the charity with an old tour bus.

Up to this point, the charity was doing this charitable work for the homeless on a double-decker bus. In reality, these busses that are now for the homeless used to serve the crews of stars like Robbie WIlliams and Rod Stewart while doing bus tours.

They can provide place to sleep for 16 people, they have a bathroom, and the charity managed to purchase them by taking a loan of £ 10,000.


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