Hospice Program Helps Terminal Patients Keep Their Pets So They Can Be With Them Until The End


The love of our pet towards us is unconditional. A pet will always care for you, stay loyal, understand you and provide you with the wanted attention without the judgment that most people have.

Pets are a vital part of our lives, however, some people value them much higher. They are both friends and family for some. Getting attached to a pet is beneficial for the health of the human as was stated by experts.

People in hospice experience hardships leaving their pets behind at home. Aside from the heartbreaking separation, terminal patients have the additional worry of what their pet is doing and who will take care of them in the future.

Thanks to Pet Peace of Mind, this worry does not have to happen anymore. The president, Dianne McGill, made a statement:

 “The program was designed to be an extension of hospice’s overall mission to provide care and support for patients and their families during the end of life journey. Since many patients consider their pets essential family members, the program is there to acknowledge and validate this important element of the patient’s support network. For many terminally ill patients, pets provide a powerful antidote – sometimes the most powerful antidote – to isolation, loneliness, and depression. I know of countless patients who have said that their pet is their lifeline. Pets are great medicine for coping with the anxiety the comes from dealing with a serious medical condition. For many patients, keeping their pets near them during the end of life journey and finding homes for their beloved pets after they pass is one of the most important pieces of unfinished business.”

The company knows that people establish a bond with their pets which can be even stronger than the bond established with humans. When the parent of the pet is facing terminal illness, their pet can be a great source of comfort and love.

The Facebook page of this company shares how they ensure that the pets of the patients are kept close.

Pet Peace of Mind program helps nonprofit hospices to train volunteers which will help the terminal patients with caring and needs of their pets. The funding is all provided so that the program will begin and additional assistance is also offered.

People treat pets like their family members and are much more comfortable having them near them, just as having a relative or a close friend. Pets can play a crucial role at the end of a life journey.

However, due to the grief of the loss during hospice care, most pets are either forgotten or overlooked by the members of the family. They completely forget that the patient has a very strong bond established with their pet.

This organization accepts volunteers and donations that are meant for the pets and their needs. After the death of the owner, the organization is in charge of bringing a new home to the pets.

A volunteer coordinator for St. Luke’s Hospice, Karen Jeffries, states the way the patients are worried about their pets and what’s happening to them. Even though relatives of the patients say that they will take care of the pet, oftentimes they don’t keep their word.

After the hospice partnered up with Pet Peace of Mind, the patients that have a pet can pass away in peace with strong insurance that their beloved pets will be taken good care of.

More than a thousand people have been helped by the company alongside their pets. The incredible bond between the pet owner and the pet is being preserved through the end of the journey of the patient.





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