How Good Are Your Math Skills? Test Them With This Tricky Problem


Math has always been a challenge for almost everyone. Some people take numbers easily and some people just don’t. Nowadays, it’s much easier to deal with math problems since we all got our calculators in our pockets. However, there are some people who used to dislike math, but in the adulthood, they got interested in math tricks that can be found all over the internet. Here’s one little math trick that will make you think logically if you want to solve it. Think carefully about the equation given and once you’re done with it, you can check your answer below.

The Answer

To solve this math problem, you have to go back to one of the greatest school tricks, known as BEDMAS.

B – stands for ‘Brackets’
E – stands for ‘Exponents’
D – is for ‘Division’
M – stands for ‘Multiplication’
A – is for ‘Addition’
S – and S is for ‘Subtraction’

In our case, we start solving this equation from the bracket:  (8÷4) = 2

Then we deal with the other set of division: 24÷4 = 6

And finally we multiply 6×2 = 12

If you forgot about BEDMAS, or else known as The Order of Operations, it is something you should remember from now on!


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