How Many Girls Are in This Confusing Picture? Lots of People Are Getting the Answer Wrong.


People usually get a kick from optical illusions. There are many pictures and videos surfacing online from optical illusions and many people search for them to solve them.

Even though there are many easily solvable optical illusions, this one will have you scratching your heads.

A Swiss photographer, Tiziana Vergari, posted this picture on Instagram. The artist has lots of attention to her social media over the past years.  This picture was submitted by Tiziana as part of the #Whpidentity contest and her photo swept the entire competition.

This legendary picture was first posted by Tiziana with the very simple title of “How many girls?” Her followers immediately went on the case to solve this question and figure out how many girls it took to take this picture.

Can this virtual riddle be solved?

When you see this mind-blowing picture for the first time, you can see that the optical illusion is not easy to be solved. There are just too many components that are perplexing in the image for an ordinary person to solve.

All of the girls are wearing identical dresses and their skin tone and hair color are almost identical. Even the expression that they have on their faces is extremely similar. Many people started off and counted 13 girls, which wouldn’t be surprised when seeing the image. However, this all goes to the water once you get a small hint from the artist.

As it seems, Tiziana repeatedly signs up her own daughters to model in her photoshoots. Once you know that helpful information, you will immediately rule out the theory that there are 13 girls in the picture.

In these days, most families don’t have more than a few kids so if she used her children as models here, the number of girls would be much lower than initially thought of. Even though this hint helps out a lot, an educated guess as for how many girls are in the picture is hard to make.

Additionally, one has got to focus on the idea that there is at least one double-mirror involved. Take notes of the girls’ jewelry, heights, hair lengths and you’ll see that there are less than 13 girls in the image. However, you wouldn’t exactly know how many there are.

If you are confused as some of us are, make sure you watch the video to get the answer to the great question “How many girls?” You will definitely be surprised once you learn exactly how many models were in the picture.

How many girls did you guess that were in the photo? Did you guess right? Did you get surprised by the answer?


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