How to Build Bee Hotels to Help Save Native Bees


Life on Earth depends on the existence of bees so they must survive. Our ecosystem is dependent on them since they help pollinate a large portion of the flora. If that’s the case, then why are we not trying to do everything to help and protect these small, friendly pollinators with everything we can? Why not start now with building them these “Bee Hotels” for them to stay in!

More than 4,000 species of bees exist that are native to North America. All of them are much more efficient and quicker at pollination than the normal bees that we’re used to, commonly known as European honeybees. However, due to the loss of habitat, the population of native bees is slowly but surely declining. Creating these bee hotels, or a house for them to stay inside of your garden, you can help save these bees’ population. In return, the bees will thank you for pollinating your garden.

More than 90% of all bees are solitary, meaning that the females won’t live in the same nest as another female but will build her nest close to other females of the same species. Usually, bee hotels are made of some kind of box or container filled with pinecones, sticks, bamboo shoots, or logs with drilled holes. The homes give the bees choices and shelter. If you think that creating this home will take you a long time or are afraid of its complexity, then don’t run away. The homes take small effort and all of the materials you probably have at home.

Additionally, you can use these bee hotels to decorate the garden in different ways. Here are some ideas:

  • By using a license plate, you can make sturdy roofs for the bee hotels. Start by repurposing a birdhouse for the base of the hotel and fashion a bent license plate on the top of the base to make a roof. The walls of the birdhouse can be taken off and the framing used. After, add blocks of wood with holes or pieces of bamboo stalks to create the small living areas.
  • Using clay pots, cardboard, and bricks for creating a hibernation area for the native bees is an alternative way to build the hotel. This way, you will use up materials that are left over and create this area in your garden. Putting sticks, cardboard, and pinecones together in a clay pot will create the area for the bees to sleep in. Position all of these materials in the pot nicely and make an amazing and creative hodgepodge of unused garden material.
  • By using cinderblock, you can make multi-storied bee hotels. Put stump drilled with holes or bamboo stalks in the cinderblock gaps and create the nesting area for the bees. Additionally, you can paint the cinderblocks any color you want for your garden. Cinderblocks will help the bees and protect them from any weather.
  • Add small tubes or bamboo cuts to a mason jar and create a great living space for the bees. Find an area in your garden for you to put the mason jar or place it on a branch or shed.
  • Take a wine box and fill it up with bits of wood or bamboo canes. You can arrange them artistically as you want. Different kinds of materials can also be used to add texture to the bee hotel.


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