How To Lose Bum And Thigh Fat Fast


Around the world, many women aspire to have thinner thighs and to look like celebrities. For the ones who like to work out and gain thinner thighs like Sofia Vergara or Jenifer Lopez, read our suggestions below.

In this article, you can follow 4 perfect exercises and gain those thighs you want.

You won’t need any equipment for the following exercises. All you need is a good will for exercising.

All exercises do not take too much time to do. You can simply implement them in the fitness program that you do regularly.

Repeat the exercises as many times as possible for one minute on each side.

Continue reading to find out how to do it.

This workout contains exercises to burn leg fat. You need to do them for 20 seconds each on the other side without rest.

If you are dedicated to losing leg fat you need to know that you will burn thigh fat 3-4 times faster.

  1. Tuck Jumps (20 secs)

  • Close your feet together and put your hands by your side.
  • Bend your knees slightly at a 45-degree angle
  • Put your arms in a driving position. Push your feet forward and jump. Land softly in an athletic position
  • Jump backwards quickly
  • When you land, quickly do a truck jump with the help of your arms to take you upward. Keep the knees into your chest
  1. Jump Rope (20 secs)

  • Do your warm-up with a jump rope.
  • Focus on your abs by going through circuit one
  • For better cardio, repeat the warm-up
  • Then through circuit two, you will focus on the legs
  • Repeat the part with the jump rope one more time
  1. Crusty Lunge Jumps (20 secs)

  • Begin by standing straight and keep your core tight and your chest up. You’ll be in a classic lunge position.
  • Step upfront and keep your knee bent. Simultaneously, extend the back leg.
  • Step upfront and keep your front knee bent.
  • Keep your hands placed on your hips, but if you want a challenge, put them straight above the head.
  • Jump into the air with all your force and at the same time, switch your leg stance in the air.
  • Land back down in the lunge position and repeat.
  1. 180 Turns (20secs)

  • Stand tall with a tight core. Keep your chest up and your gaze straight. Bend your knees and drive your hips back and lower yourself in a squat position.
  • Jump up while twisting your other side simultaneously. You will perform a 180 degree in the air.
  • Land down with your knees bent and immediately go in another jump squat. Turn to the starting position. Repeat.



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