How To Turn Old Bottles Into Lamps With Rechargeable LED Corks


We love DIY projects that you can use to build awesome stuff while recycling and improving the environment as well. By converting old bottles into lamps with rechargeable LED corks, this neat innovation helps you to do both.

The clever name behind the rechargeable bottle light is Suck UK, which produces the ideal gift or home/office accessory. An old empty bottle doesn’t have to end up in the garbage if it can now be turned into a lovely table lamp.

The lamp looks very much like a huge tapered wine cork with a bright white LED light at the bottom. When switched on and placed inside the bottle’s neck, the lamp will shine for up to 3 hours before needing a new charge, which will take an hour via its USB connection. Obviously, the white LED light will assume the color of whatever color the bottle is, allowing users the ability to create both simple desk lamps and colored atmospheric lights.

It’s a piece of cake to transform old bottles into lamps, offering a bit of light and color while also helping you to recycle old bottles.



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