Husband Plants Thousands of Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell


Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki from Japan were in marriage 30 years when Mrs. Kuroki suddenly lost her eyesight. It happens after their hard work on their dairy farm, and when they had planned to enjoy their retirement by touring the country.

Mrs. Kuroki suddenly lost her eyesight due to complications from diabetes and she became devastated. They were disappointed because they would not be able to travel, and Mrs. Kuroki became withdrawn and spent most of her time shut in the house.

One day, Mr. Kuroki got an idea of how to attract his wife to start a new interesting life. He noticed an intensely fragrant flower called a shibazakura growing on the farm, and he realized that this would be something that his wife like.

He decided to plant thousands of this the best smelling flower around their home to lure her out of the house and out of depression. The smell of this flower might cheer up his wife and the spectacle of it might attract visitors.

Almost two years he spent planting thousands of them, and he converted their former dairy farm to a spectacular field of fuchsia.

In time, because of the beautiful aroma, his wife was lured out of the house and that made her smile again.

But the story doesn’t end here, because it also drew visitors, and thousands of them are willing to visit the farm, which also helped cheer her up.

The number of visitors is growing from day to day and they now attract 7000 visitors a day in March and April.

They also converted an old cow barn into a museum, which is housing the flowers and story behind them.

Every tourist during walking through the blanket of pink hopes to catch a glimpse of the couple in the garden built by love.

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