‘I Didn’t Need A Stylist To Look Slimmer, And Now I Dress Way Better’


Some women do not want their curves to be shown; therefore, they wear oversized dresses or hoodies. The reason behind this attitude is the lack of confidence and self-love. But one woman dares her insecurities and teaches others how to dress up and look flawless without the help of a stylist.

She started experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and colors of clothing. For each style, she took a photo, showing how she looks in it. It is boring to wear the same baggy clothes for years because some of us are not as confident as we should be.

It is very easy to influence someone’s perception based on what they are presented. It is proven that you don’t have to be thin to look thin. If you manage to find one piece of clothing that suits you well, you can easily find items online that will be perfect for your figure.

Hermann von Helmholtz, a German physicist explains that when lines are put horizontally on an item of clothing it can make you look wider and when the lines are vertical, they can make you look taller. Therefore, use vertical stripes that will make you look thinner.

Not all clothes that fit your body will emphasize the beauty of it. You won’t always feel satisfied with what you bought even if it’s the right size.

The next thing you should pay attention to is the color. Some colors can make you look curvier, depending on how you combine it. If you want to emphasize your waist, wear black clothes. Do not wear white, as it will make you look wider.

Next, focus on your legs. If you find your legs short and want to “extend” them, wear nude colored shoes. Colored shoes will only accentuate how short your legs are. Besides, do not wear black thighs if your dress is black. It will only make your legs puffed up. It will make you look taller if you wear skin-toned shoes or thighs.

As we mentioned before, horizontal stripes make you look bigger, but not all stripes give the same effect.

Thinner strips will do the trick – those may be the right kind of stripes for you and make sure they are designed in gradient color. It will highlight your silhouette and curves that you want to be shown.

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the midi-pencil type of clothing. It helps you point out your hips and your gorgeous silhouette. To create this look, try putting your blouse or shirt inside your skirt. Another trick is to wear heels to create the perfect look.

Another part of clothing you will have to focus on is the outerwear. Everyone struggles to take them off when it’s cold, but they can be a fashionable part of your style. To make your waist look slimmer, buy a slim-fitted coat.

The final tip you should consider is wearing dresses that have contrasting vertical stripes on the side. If the stripes are curved a little, it will make a perfect illusion embracing your attributes. Try wearing color, even if you are not used to it. You may find the perfect combination that is not only black and white.

Sources: www.brightside.me

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