Confessions of a Mom: “I smoke weed after putting my kids to bed – it’s no worse than a glass of wine”


There are so many moms out there enjoying a glass of wine or two at night to cool down and relax.

They are still, in a way, praised for it in today’s society. However, what about marijuana? This is getting a much more mixed response. After her kids go to bed, this mom smokes marijuana. She says it’s her “wine glass” and makes her a happier mother. She uses her Instagram now to crack the stigma against the drug.

After the children are in bed, smoking marijuana to cool down is really no different than enjoying a glass of wine and this has been confirmed by researchers.

A lecturer, as well as criminologist working at the University of Wellington named Fiona Hutton has studied the reform of gender and drug use and drug regulation. She claims that both drugs have the ability to help parents relax after all those busy days working and caring for their children.

When she was 18 years old, Caitlin got pregnant with her high school sweetheart Noah. They got married back in the day and now share two kids, Adriana and Jack.

She says that if it’s to help with anxiety, it’s all right to smoke it. Since she started smoking, her anxiety reduced by a lot and she feels so much healthier. She added that she even uses marijuana to help manage her weight. She’s always been dangerously underweight and now she has a healthy weight and she feels amazing.

After sharing her opinion in this social media post, Caitlin has attracted thousands of likes and comments on both FB and IG. Her admission was accepted by most of Caitlin’s fans, although some individuals were critical.

Some people were saying that even though their kids drive them nuts, that was not an excuse to get high.

Others were supportive.

What is your stand on this matter?



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