Iconic Photo Shows Orangutan Catching Fish With a Makeshift Spear


Primates are one of the most intelligent creatures aside from humans in the world. However, humans need to remember just how similar we can be to the primates.

An iconic photo was taken of a primate which shows an orangutan hunting for fish using a makeshift spear. It was using very similar techniques that the human would. Gerd Schuster is responsible for capturing the photograph. He was also the co-author of the book “Thinkers of the Jungle: The Orangutan Report”

This photo was taken recently in Borneo, Indonesia, on the island of Kaja. Gerd states that the animal was watching locals fish using spears in the Gohong River. After seeing the way they were catching fish, it tried to replicate the technique that the fishermen used to catch more fish.

After trying hard to improvise, the animal found the wanted strategy which worked for him. He hung down from a tree and used a stick as a spear to catch the fish.

The orangutan was also smart enough to seek out the lines that the fishermen set up, making his task much easier.

This photograph’s legitimacy was confirmed by Michelle Desilets. She’s the executive director of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) in the UK. She stated that:

“I can confirm that the photo is authentic. It is also backed by the BOS Scientific Advisory Board, including Dr. Anne Russon who has done extensive studies of the orangutans on this island. The behaviors including spearfishing and swimming on these islands are not uncommon, and are almost certainly learned behaviors as they have not been seen in wild populations. “

These kinds of situations where primates are seen acting like humans are not captured in videos or photos for the first time. Recently, a wild orangutan also in Borneo was seen helping a man who was wading through snake-infested waters.

Anil Prabhakar, an amateur photographer that was on a safari with his friends, witnessed the scene. He was able to take a photo of the incredible moment. In the picture, you can see the orangutan extending his arm to help the man out of the dangerous waters.

Sources:  themindunleashed.com

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