If the Mosquitoes Always go Straight for You, Here’s What You Need to Know


Out of all species on Earth, only a few are generally disliked by a big majority of the population and mosquitoes are one of them. Getting bitten by a mosquito will leave an itchy and irritating bite. Aside from that, if you’ve ever had a mosquito in your bedroom while you’re sleeping then you’ve had the worst. Not only will they bite every single vulnerable place on your body but also annoy you with their whiny buzzing.

Aside from their annoyance, mosquitoes can transmit many different deadly illnesses. They’re the biggest enemy when the global infectious disease is in question. Luckily, out of all 3,000 species of mosquitoes, only three bear the name of transmitting diseases and those are the Anopheles mosquitoes, Culex mosquitoes, and Aedes mosquitoes.

The only mosquitoes that suck our blood are the females. When they take a bite, they usually stab with two tubes into the skin. One of the tubes is meant to inject an enzyme that prevents blood clotting while the other one is responsible for sucking our blood. Many people don’t know that the blood they suck isn’t for nourishment. Instead, female mosquitoes use the blood as a source of protein for their eggs.

What People Are More Inclined to be Bitten?

There are many different reasons for mosquitoes biting people. However, there are some situations where the mosquitoes will be more attracted to some people compared to others. Here is a list of reasons and how you can prevent being the main target of constant mosquito bites:

  • Pregnant women – because pregnant women emit higher levels of CO2, mosquitoes are more attracted to them.
  • Sweaty people – the scent of sweat is the main attractor to mosquitoes. Having old sweat on you latches bacteria which creates an odor that smells sweet to the pest. Make sure you wash often and don’t use too much perfume or sweet-smelling soaps since they can also attract the mosquitoes.
  • Wearing bright or dark clothes – wearing softer or lighter colors can help disguise you from mosquitoes because the bright or dark colors attract them.
  • Alcohol – drinking alcohol increases your metabolism and boosts your CO2 output.
  • Athletic people – even though being athletic gives you great health benefits, it does attract mosquitoes more due to the Lactic Acid which is produced by the body after exercise.
  • O blood type – type O blood is twice as more attractive to mosquitoes compared to any other type. Compared to the others, the least attractive blood type is A.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from You?

The best way to stop mosquitoes from biting you is removing things that attract them. Mosquitoes typically live near places with water so removing any stagnant water and trimming your grass properly are great ways to stop them from coming to your yard. Showering often and wearing lighter-colored and thick clothes is another way to prevent them from biting you as mentioned above. Other ways to repel the mosquitoes are:

  • Using bug repellants – this is an obvious way to repel the mosquitoes but it’s good to know that you don’t have to buy them from the store. There are many different tutorials on creating the perfect mosquito repellant with items that you have at home so make sure you do some research and decide between home-made or store-bought repellants.
  • Avoid places that have lots of mosquitoes – these places can be but are not limited to wind-less forests, tall grasses, and stagnant water. They also like damp, warmth, and stillness.
  • Eat onions, garlic, and chili peppers – all of these foods have proven to repel mosquitoes from choosing your body to suck from.

Sources: www.nationalgeographic.com

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