If you have all of these 13 traits, you’re a rare person with true integrity

13 Traits That Will Help You Recognize the People with the Integrity

Integrity is a character-defining attribute of a person who stands up for his/her principles, values in relationships with others and is reliable, honest and sincere.

By demonstrating true integrity this person shares a certain set of traits, and 13 of them we will present you in this article below.

1) Humility

The person with integrity never truly understand the own worth, as he or she never even think about that.

Those individuals are humble, without paying attention, too much to the standards society sets for them.

Individuals with integrity never brag and do not show off the satisfaction with what they have because they are always striving to do more and to become better.

2) Goodness

Goodness is one of the most common characteristics amongst those with integrity. They are happy when enriching the lives of the people from their surroundings. They are even prepared to sacrifice the happiness in their own lives for a while to make others to be happy.


The authenticity is the best identifier for integrity, and the people who possess it do not live under a set of lies or any masks. They strongly stay to what they believe in, no matter of the circumstances.

4) Honesty

The honest is tightly linked to the integrity. Those individuals do not believe they need to lie because they are proud of the truths that surround them.

They are fully aware of the life they want to live, the life which is full of honesty and truthfulness, avoiding any kind of cheating.


Having a word as strong as the stone is a common characteristic of the people with the integrity. Everyone can always rely on these people.

Those individuals, respecting the people around them, prevent them from betraying and lying.

6)They Give Credit

If you meet someone with true integrity, you can be sure that they will not take something that you made.

The people with the integrity understand the value of hard work and dedication, and you can expect a credit from them, where credit is due.

7)They Value Your Time

For many people, it is not a problem to be late on meetings or projects, which means they don’t respect other’s time and efforts.

However, the individuals with true integrity can see that, and they stick to schedules, deadlines, and arranged set-ups.

8)They Don’t Argue Rudely

As an unfortunate part of society, rudeness is becoming more present, especially in the online world.

However, the people with true integrity avoid these situations. It doesn’t mean that they agree with everything, but when they disagree, they are doing it in a civil manner. Sometimes they even know when it’s better to just walk away.

9)They Give Second Chances

Some people are reacting impulsively and are blaming the people who make mistakes, getting mad at them.

It is, of course not the case with the individuals with high levels of integrity, as they resist this impulse. Instead, they are aware how valuable it is to give others the benefit of the second chance.

10) Emotionally Intuitive

Many people live with the believing that they are the only important person in the world, without taking care of the well-being of others.

But, the people with the true integrity are more in harmony with the world and those around them.

When they notice that someone is experiencing something troubling, they do their best to actively assist them in such a situation.


Some of the people probably suffer from the inability to apologize. For some of the people, it’s a matter of foolish pride taking precedence over rationality. Some are aware that it would be better to apologize, but they simply cannot say the words—“I’m sorry”—as they think that is “losing” the pride.

But, the true integrity people can see past the pride of losing and winning and prefer to create peace instead of tension.


For those individuals, nothing is more crucial than their word and their promise. The accountability is the defining element of the people with the integrity.


The individuals with the integrity believe that being genuine is the best way to interact with the people around them.






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