If You’re Annoyed By Others Chewing, You May Be A Genius


You’ve probably met someone in your life that hated hearing the sound of other people chew.

Chewing near them is almost impossible. They will most likely be aggressive toward the person that’s chewing beside them, even start yelling.

However, everyone should act nice and don’t annoy these people because this is not just a choice but a condition.

The condition is called Misophonia which makes people highly attentive to certain type of noises such as slurping or chewing.

These types of noises are constantly going on and most of the world (80%) do not ever hear it. However, 20% of the population that has this condition can hear it constantly and loudly which makes it very irritating.

No one should be ashamed of having Misophonia.

Researchers from Northwestern University, people with Misophonia are more likely to be a creative genius rather than the people who aren’t fazed by the slurping and chewing.

No matter how annoyed you get with people slurping and chewing as loud as possible, remember that you’re much smarter than them.

Source: earthables.com

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