In Memory Of Our Loved Ones Who Left Us Too Soon


When we lose a loved one, it leaves deep scars in us and forever changes our lives. Unfortunately, when this happens, people cannot do anything special, but they can facilitate the loss of a loved one. There are no words that can comfort people who have lost a loved one.

Long after the loss of our loved one, we yearn to hear a familiar voice again, glad to remember hugging him and saying their words. We all yearn for the chance to meet them at least once again.

Some people believe that sometimes, the deceased attempt to contact us from the great beyond. Many spiritual people, authors, psychics, and ordinary people claim they have experienced some things that they potentially attribute to deceased loved ones.

Even though these beliefs are not scientifically proven, a lot of people believe that our departed friends and family members sometimes nearby long after their deaths.

These are the signs that indicate that your loved one is trying to reach out:

  1. You can feel them

You can suddenly feel something that you only felt when you were in contact with a loved one, such as a cold, or get bruises all over your body.

  1. Dreams

It needs to be interpreted carefully when you have vivid and recurring dreams of your loved one.

Lost loved ones are most often encountered in dreams because when people sleep, the vibrational energy increases and is matched by the higher energy possessed by the spirits.

  1. They feel their presence at the funerals

Memories that are still fresh in the head about a loved one are especially returned at funerals when, by some beliefs, she might try to make contact with the living.

According to psychologist James Van Praagh, many people often attend funerals to contact and comfort their loved ones.

  1. Animals

Because animals are very sensitive to the presence of other people’s energy, so if a pet behaves strangely for no reason, it can sense the presence of the deceased in the room.

  1. Numbers

Certain numbers indicate something in your relationships, such as a birthday or anniversary, so while some of these numbers appear, it could be a sign that they are using these numbers to contact you.

  1. See them in your peripheral vision

When one is preoccupied with deep reflections on his or her loved one, it is often the case that he or she feels and sees them in their peripheral vision, but when one looks around there is no one.

  1. You lose items and find them in strange places

It also means that your loved one is trying to communicate with you. These items can be a hidden photo of the two of you together or some precious gift given to you.

  1. Songs

Sometimes it can be a coincidence, but when it happens that when you think of your loved one and hear your song from your phone, TV or radio, it can be a sign that your loved one is trying to communicate with you.

Immediately after death, it often happens that you get a chance to feel the presence of someone you have lost, which can be part of therapy and a way to cope with pain.

According to a study involving elderly widows and widows in Wales, she found that:

  • 39 percent still felt their presence,
  • 14 percent liked to see them,
  • 13 percent said they heard voices, a
  • 3 percent feel their touch.

Kerrie Erwin, a professional medium, energy worker and author, argues that the gift is that someone can communicate with dead people:

“When I connect to a spirit I often get names, how they died, and they often just want to give me messages to loved ones as death is never the end and love is eternal. It is not unusual to have long conversations about their concerns about living in this life. Spirits also always have messages to give loved ones.”

There are some ways you can reach your deceased loved ones as well:

  • Communication through meditation or in dreams
  • Media visits or use them as an advocate to contact them on your behalf
  • Speak aloud to them
  • Take some items that are used to be theirs and engage them in deep thinking about them

In her book “What the Dead Taught Me How to Live Good,” Rebecca Rosen states:

“Setting the intention to be open to the signs is your best strategy for noticing them. While they may feel small and easy to dismiss at first, signs from the Other Side often increase in frequency and size when they are focused on and acknowledged.”


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