Japanese Artist Hand-Carves Pearls Into Exquisite ‘Fairy Skulls’


Shinji Nakaba is making amazing jewelry pieces. He makes all kinds of wearable stuff. This Tokyo-based artist says that his creations are wearable sculptures. The materials that this artist uses are very unconventional. One of his favorite materials to use is pearls.

His main goal is to give common materials a life. From other materials, he uses precious stones, metals, plastic bottles, aluminum beer cans, and other pieces of garbage. This makes his creations very special and entertaining.

The artist also started carving crystals, corals, ivory, and other precious stones. However, out of all of them, pearls without cores became his favorite. This material gave him a smooth carving and no risk of peeling or shredding.

The artist states that he experiments with various materials to make skulls and out of all of the materials he tried, pearls were the most durable. By turning pristine pearls in skulls is an unusual approach, outlining the link between the pure and the evil.

Most of the creations of Nakaba can be found on his website. He makes rings, necklaces, and even brooches. Additionally, he is great at arranging flowers.

Artists like this one can give us a different definition of art and life. Every kind of art is special in its way, however, you can’t often see pearls carved into skulls. Owning one is a must!




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