Japanese Flying Car Had Successful ‘Test Flight’ With A Person Onboard (Video)


Japan has been leading the world in technological advancements. The beginning of the technological innovations in Japan started with finding a solution to the problems that the country and its population was facing.

They were the first country to understand and embraced the true power of technology. The country’s government invested lots of money in technological innovation at the right time before anyone else in the world.

The Flying Car

When we think of flying cars, we think about advanced society in the far future. However, a Japanese company known as SkyDrive Inc. is already making tests for their innovation – the electric flying car/drone car so the future is not that far away.

SkyDrive was able to test out their flying vehicle with a person onboard. The testing range or time wasn’t that big since the innovation is still a prototype. As of now, the car can only fly for 5-10 minutes. However, if the company can bring those numbers up to 30 minutes, there’ll be a lot of potential for what they can accomplish.

By 2023, the company hopes that it will have a final product to be sold on the market. Right now, their main goal is to keep the vehicle safe to ride on.

The testing process was also recorded on video and it’s mind-blowing. The car can be seen lifting off from the ground, hovering. This occurs for only a couple of minutes before the testing completes.

These vehicles will offer point-to-point personal travel with no traffic involved. However, before they get introduced into the world, a lot of things need to be finished. First, they need to finish their prototype and release it to the world. Air traffic control will be needed to guarantee safe travel in these cars.

Additionally, battery sizes need to be ideal so that the car can endure in the air. Another problem with these cars will be their affordability. If they cost millions of dollars, not a lot of people can buy them.

While the vehicle looks more like a drone than a car, it is still a step toward the future. Not only is the flying vehicle futuristic on itself, but it’s also eco-friendly, reducing infrastructure needs in many ways. It will open different opportunities for traveling.

Other Japanese Innovations

With Japan being the biggest technology innovation country in the world, in the past, they’ve created many different things that have changed the course of the world. Whether it’s robotics, smart toilets, or karaoke, some amazing things have made a huge impact on the world. Here are the 5 most iconic Japanese past innovations and the year it was invented:

  • Bullet Train – 1964
  • Pocket Calculator – 1970
  • Walkman – 1979
  • Blue LED light – the early 1990s
  • Android Robots – 2003


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