Jellyfish Succulents Will Transform Your Garden Into An Otherworldly Aquarium


Thanks to jellyfish succulent creations, it’s a lot of fun today to beautify your yards

There are many creative ways to enhance the natural environment, which are offered in ideas on Pinterest and which are likely to overwhelm your brain.

To avoid this, there is now a new trend in gardening, which is increasingly accepted and there are many people who are ready to make a girdle around their house right away. Anyone who sees them accepts it without a doubt.

How easy succulent plants are to care for

Some people just don’t have luck with flowers because unfortunately, flowers die when they touch it before they even have a chance to grow. The good news for this type of flower is that it is not very demanding and does not need a lot of attention, water or anything else. These flowers tend to take care of themselves, even without any involvement from human species. In other words, this type of plant does not need a person to observe and water it.

What is most important is that these flowers can be seen in the most beautiful shapes and sizes.

Some people, to incorporate more types of plants and find creative ways, go the extra mile, and so they come across ‘jellyfish succulent planters.’

The advantage of this type of flower is that it can be created exactly at your discretion, in accordance with your unique style or aesthetics.

By planting these flowers you can make various combinations, because the possibilities are innumerable, so they are free to mix and match as you wish!

Through the pictures, we can show you how to make one of these hanging seedlings using two or more different types of basic succulents, which can be found in any garden center. The next step could be to change the plants as you wish, as the possibilities are endless.

To get the right effect you need:

  • Hanging basket,
  • Planting soil,
  • Two types of plants you want to use: one for the top ‘jellyfish’ and one for ‘tentacles’.


1)         Sufficient ground must be taken so that the hanging basket should be filled almost to the top.

2)         Plant five of your hanging succulents around the outside, near the edge of the seedling. As an example, you can use a donkey’s tail (Sedum morganianum) here.

3)         Take five to six of your chosen flowering succulents and plant them in the inside of your hanging planter, giving them enough space to fully grow and create that ‘bulbous’ look for the jellyfish. We recommend you to use Echeveria, the rose type succulent, with the varieties of colors they come in.

4)         In a few weeks, you will have a lengthened tail and a blossoming of the top.

The best part of planting these flowers is the possibility to incorporate any number of different plants to suit your ideas.

We wish you – Happy gardening!


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