Keep Fleas, Ants, and Roaches Out of Your Home for Good With These 12 Easy Methods


If an animal, plant, or insect is detrimental to humans or human concern, it’s called a pest. Typically, this term can be used for creatures that do damages to forests, livestock, or crops. They can also be an annoyance to humans, especially if they appear inside of their households.

To balance the ecosystems of the world, bugs and critters are very essential. However, they can become a nuisance in places where they don’t belong like in your garden or house. Additionally, they can carry many different diseases and potentially cause damages to your house.

Some of the most common household pests are cockroaches, ants, fleas, mice, rats, and termites. Out of all the household pests, termites alone have caused five billion dollars of damage every year.

Before you start battling these pesky pests, the first thing you should do is keep your house clean. Spills, crumbs or any leftover food should be removed as soon as possible. Additionally, keeping pet food and other dry goods in tight containers is a great idea. Other than food remaining, you should also repair any openings or cracks that you have in your house or foundation from which these pests can enter easily.

Other than these steps, some products can eliminate these pests. However, all of these products contain dangerous chemicals that will require you to leave the house for a couple of days. Other products require you to leave toxic residue on your carpet, making your living room dangerous, especially if you have pets or children. There are many other safer ways that you can get rid of these pests. Most of the ingredients that you’ll be needing are household products.

Flea Control

If your household is infested with fleas, then there are a couple of things that you can do to get rid of them. One of the best steps is the beginning step mentioned above – washing and vacuuming your house, especially the dark parts. This will help get rid of their eggs and larvae. Here are other tips on how to control the flea population:

– Using a dishwashing detergent will poison the fleas and get rid of them quickly. Washing your pet with detergent can help clean its fur and kill the fleas if the pet has any. However, be careful since pets can have sensitive skin. It’s best to use natural formula and test it out on a smaller area of the pet. You can also make a flea trap using dishwashing liquid, a bowl or a plate, and a candle or a light. Add the dishwashing liquid to the bowl and place the candle in the middle of the lamp on top so that the whole bowl glows with light. Since fleas are drawn to light, it will take over a week to trap the nasty pests in their poisonous liquid.

– If your pet has a bad flea problem, its best to throw away its bed and get a new one. Fleas can keep their eggs in the stuffing of the bed so it’s quite difficult to get rid of them.

– If you have fleas living in your carpet, you can add a layer of salt to it. The salt will dehydrate and kill the fleas. It’s recommended to use ground salt and add a big enough layer over the entire carpet. Leave the carpet for 1-2 days and then vacuum off the salt.

– After using the already mentioned steps above to remove the flea population in your household, the next step is to make a natural flea repellant. There are no harsh chemicals contained inside this natural repellant so it’s going to be very safe to use at home. However, make sure you’re careful not to use rosemary oil or powder if you own a cat. This way, you might get a contrary reaction to what you wanted. You can find many natural flea repellant recipes online.

Ant Control

Ants cause the least problems in your household. Compared to other pests, they don’t transmit any diseases and cause little to no damage. The only damage they can make is eating and taking away any food you had leftover on the counter in your kitchen. However, that can be annoying too, so here’s a couple of ways to solve the ant problem:

– You can use different household products to deter the ants. If you ever see ants walking towards somewhere, just add a line of duct tape, petroleum jelly, or talcum powder across their entrance. You can also use diluted cinnamon oil to clean the trails or ground cinnamon/whole cloves near the entry points

– Using lemon juice, white vinegar, or diluted peppermint oil to spray on the ant trails can remove their chemical scent. By removing this chemical scent, the colony won’t continue the same path anymore.

– Drawing a line with chalk can stop the ants from going out of their entry point since they are repelled by calcium carbonate.

– You can make a homemade mixture to bait and trap the ants. All you need to use is 1 part of borax with 3 parts of powdered sugar. Sugar automatically attracts the ants while the borax will poison them, even eliminating the entire colony of ants if they bring it back home. Pouring a little bit of honey in a shallow dish will attract the ants and they’ll become stuck on it.

– When it comes to destroying their nest, only do so if all of the above-mentioned tips have failed. Ants are very crucial to our ecological system. To destroy the ants’ nest, just pour boiling water in their entry point. Using a solution of camphor oil and methylated spirits also works.

Cockroach Control

There are a couple of ways that you can fight a winning battle against the cockroaches. Here are some tips:

– Because cockroaches cannot live without water for more than a week, make sure you remove and close down any leaks inside your house. This will help them to use other liquid baits that you might have placed for them. The same goes for food. Remove any leftover food and keep your house clean.

– Roaches cannot stand the scent of mint oil, cedar, Listerine, bay leaves, lemon, and cucumber. You can make your solution using these and use it to repel them from your household. Another mixture that you can make is using soap and water. Spraying this mixture directly on the roaches will make them suffocate and die. Remove the cockroach immediately because it can recover after the mixture dries out.

– Using flour, sugar, and boric acid, you can make a cockroach bait. However, using this method, you’ll need to wait a few weeks and kill a few generations of roaches to work.

– Because roaches need water to survive, placing a jar filled with water and trap them inside it. They won’t be able to get out of the jar very easily but make sure you remove them as soon as you can.


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