Lace Shorts Are Here for Men This Summer


Power of fashion industry

This is our favorite time of the year, the night is lighter, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. As summer approaches, the fashion industry is hurriedly launching products of the season. Whether it’s dresses, skirts or T-shirts, all major clothing brands present you with a must-have item for summer.

One company took summer clothing to a whole new extreme. We all know that there are almost no rules in fashion in 2021; we live in an era where we can dress and express ourselves as we wish. But this still does not explain the new trend… Men’s lace shorts.

New trend

The fashion industry is a crazy place. When clothes and accessories can visually convey a person’s personality and beliefs, fashion is a wonderful thing.

The lace shorts have landed. The Los Angeles-based Hologram City has launched a new series of transparent lace shorts, each retail price is 49 US dollars. There are a variety of soft green, pink, blue and lavender.


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A company that provides “female” colored clothing to male audiences.  If you want to look as cool as these guys, you can choose a matching lace shirt. Perfect for days on the beach, right? The symbol of L.A. well-known brand has developed ultra-thin lace shorts for men to cool the hot summer days.


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This was designed by Jose Rodriguez, owner of Hologram City, for one of the music videos of rapper Caswell. Caswell and four other men wore colorful lace trousers and shirts, and they were not the first to wear them. The tie male model in 2013, Gucci in 2015 is the same.

In addition, Hologram City designed for other celebrities, such as the back dancers of Ciara, Miley Cyrus, Jordan Woods, Fergie and Jennifer Lopez.


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The Response

As always, the comments of this new trend were different.

One of the users joked: “I don’t know how these Power Rangers will develop over time…”

While another user complained on how you can see the boys’ tight white underwear through them. And he doesn’t think that’s right.

“Men’s lace shorts?! Everyone should relax about these things, men: “The problem is not that they are “designed for men”… even if they are designed for women, I would still hate them.”

However, not everyone is against it: “If Jaden Smith wear it, I Will support it,” said one of the users. Another said: “I would love to see my boyfriend in it! Especially the contrast underwear! Damn it. Pastels for everyone.”


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