Lacoste Replaces It’s Crocodile Logo With 10 Endangered Species To Raise Awareness


Lacoste, a French brand, teams up with IUCN’s SOS (Save Our Species) which is a nature conservation charity. The clothing brand made a limited-edition collection of polo t-shirts.

These polos have the crocodile logo changed to an endangered animal species. The shirts were launched during last year’s Paris Fashion Week.

The species include the Sumatran tiger, the saola, the California condor, the vaquita, the Anegada ground iguana, the kakapo, the Cao-Vit gibbon, the Javan rhino, the northern sportive lemur, and the Burmese roofed turtle.

Since their debut 85 years ago, Lacoste has never changed its green crocodile logo. They stated that “For the endangered species of this world, the crocodile abandons its ancestral place.”

The crocodile logo was given to the brand because of its founder René Lacoste. He was named “The Crocodile” because of the way he dealt with his opponents on the tennis court.

By using the same green coloring and embroidery style as the original crocodile logo, the new limited edition logos were produced.

The 10 animal designs polos were produced in a limited amount, all matching the remaining number of population for each species in the wild.

Only 350 polos were produced of the Sumatran Tiger because only 350 of them remain on Earth because of deforestation and poaching.

The smallest amount of polos was made of the California porpoise with just 30 pieces produced. The California porpoise is one of the most threatened mammal species ever due to overfishing.

The other species are the northern weasel maki, the kakapo, the Java rhino, the Burmese turtle, the eastern black crested gibbon, the saola, the Anegada iguana, and the California condor.

The prices on the Save Our Species polo was put up for sale at $185 and the entire collection of 1,775 products sold out. All of the profits made were donated to the IUCN conservation.

If you want to donate yourself to the worthy cause, you can go to the Save Our Species website and donate.


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