Lamborghini Unveils GoKart Pro for Adults for Only $1,500 – And it Looks Insanely Fun


There is almost no one who has had the opportunity to see or gain knowledge about a Lamborghini without wanting to drive it. Certainly, the reality of buying this legendary sports car is not feasible due to its high price, but the purchase of an electric go-kart from an Italian manufacturer can be available to everyone.

This Lambo go-kart is similar to the Huracan, Gallard, Urus or even the old-school Countach – but thanks to the irresistible price of 1500 USD it is more attractive than the others.

The production of this electric go-kart came with the merger of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi (owner of the personal transport company Segway-Ninebot) with the Italian car manufacturer.

Compared to a typical Segway Ninebot kart, this one can reach speeds of 40 km / h and some serious upgrades, such as the Xiaomi self-balancing scooter, while its rear tires have been replaced by high-traction tires for safe turning.


This Lamborghini go-kart model uses true Ackermann steering, which allows each wheel to have its own axle that allows sharp and precise turning. Thanks to the functional headlights, there can be no unpleasant collisions or spills on the racetrack, while the rear wing on the go-kart contributes to a sharp improvement in aerodynamics and handling.

The air ducts are in the function of cooling the battery, which should power the Lamborghini Go-kart for about 15.5 miles (about 25 km).

Here you can use a smartphone app that will limit the speed and adapt it to the needs of children, so parents do not have to worry about their safety. It is also adaptable for adults, so they can have fun with it because the large seat and the maximum passenger weight of 100 kg, allows it.

Driving enjoyment is accompanied by music playback from Bluetooth speakers, and they also allow simulating the noise of Lamborghini’s V8 and V12 piston engines.


Although Xiaomi is still relatively obscure in the United States, it is very popular among consumers in Latin America, Europe, and Asia because of its high-quality Android smartphones and other unusual yet affordable technology products.

Now he is putting karting on sale for just $ 1,450.

Other facts about Ninebot GoKart Pro Lamborghini Edition good to know

  • The GoKart has a metal Lamborghini label and emblem and comes with its own chassis number plate.
  • The color is Lamborghini’s classic bright yellow made by the Italian automaker.
  • It consists of a steel frame that can hold up to 220.5 pounds.
  • The body silhouette was inspired by Lamborghini,
  • Its sides have anti-collision barriers for increased safety.
  • The tail of the go-kart was designed to be aerodynamic for a sports car
  • The four-wheeler can achieve top speeds of 24.9 miles-per-hour (62 laps on a 400-meter)
  • Go-kart’s headlights consist “ice lake blue” LED lights, which at night make a great condition for driving
  • The non-slip steering wheel and little Lamborghini’s bucket chair keep the driver stable even when cornering, according to its maker.
  • Aspects of the go-kart can be adjusted in-app, which helps to aid in these drifting capabilities, and also allows the driver to select between four driving modes: safe, sport, novice, and track.
  • The Lamborghini Edition is not a street one, but it can be folded down and placed in the trunk of your car so it can be towed to the track.


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