Suffering from Depression? It isn’t caused by a Chemical Imbalance! It’s reaction to Inflammation

The Depression is a Reaction to Inflammation

The antidepressant drugs that represent a $10 billion market within the U.S. alone, based on the chemical imbalance theory. This theory is presuming that low serotonin levels will cause depressive disorders and anxiety. However, it was never true that the chemical imbalance theory is a cause for anxiety and depressive disorders.

The whole theory was hypothetical, because there is no proof that shows imbalance of brain chemicals and any neurotransmitters.

Several professionals, over the last 10 years, tried to negate the chemical imbalance theory. David D. Burns stated that this theory is fueled a lot of by Drug Company promoting than it is done by solid scientific proof.

Because of the new studies of depression and the doubt about the chemical imbalance theory, billions of dollars of annual profits from the sale of anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants are at stake. For that reason, drug firms pay immense amounts of cash promoting the chemical imbalance theory.

The aim of academic analysis is to find the reality, while drug company analysis is all concerning selling a new product.

Nobody can tell you that your depression or panic attacks result from a chemical imbalance in your brain, because till now that hasn’t been verified, due to the lack of the tests for a chemical imbalance within the human brain.

According to the results of the recent analysis, depression is a hypersensitive reaction to inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural response of the body to foreign invasion, infection or injury. Once the inflammation is triggered, the body produces several chemicals – cytokines. In this case, the body pumps numerous cells and proteins to the location through the bloodstream, as well as cytokines. Individuals affected by depression are loaded with cytokines, too.

The usual causes of chronic inflammation are excess fat, high quantities of Trans fats, high sugar diets and unhealthy diets generally.

Inflammation and gluten

The most common trigger of inflammation is gluten when it enters the blood and eventually reaches the brain. As a result that, inflammation of the brain could be converted into a disorder like seizures, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and even psychosis.

Your Brain’s Silent Killers

The people should be cautious about so-called silent brain’s killers, such as sugar, wheat, and carbs.  The inflammation can be also caused by different kinds of infection, autoimmune disease, food intolerances, and gluten intolerance.


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