Try This Simple Trick To Make Multiplication Easier

Try This Simple Trick with Your Fingers

Many children are struggling with multiplication, finding it too difficult to solve. Some of them succeed by using an old method of memorization, but sometimes it’s helpful to know that you have a built-in cheat sheet.

However, the conventional methods don’t help and smart guys found some tricks, which can do it easier and faster.

Step 1:

Number your fingers from 6 through 10, starting with your pinkie fingers and working your way to your thumb.

You should line up the fingers that correspond to your math problem. Here is an example: when you want to multiply 7 x 8, you should line up the correct numbered finger on each hand. See example below:

Step 2:

When you have your fingers lined up, you are making a magic.

Add the two lined up fingers and the ones below it. Here it would be 5 fingers, which is the first number in your final answer (the number in the 10s column, so here, 5 = 50).

Step 3:

In this step multiply the top fingers on your left hand by the top fingers on your right hand. Here, you have 3 x 2, which is equal 6. This will be the second number in your final answer (6).

Step 4:

Combining the two numbers you’ll have your answer: 56.

This is just one example, try with the other fingers.



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