Leave A Glass Of Salt Water And Vinegar To Detect Negative Energies In Your Home

A Simple Method of Detecting the Negative Energy

All people are trying to make their homes the place where they feel safest and most secure. However, in many cases, the home can be full of negative energy and has tangible effects on your emotions as well as health.

This energy cannot be seen with the naked eye, but many people can certainly feel it, as it reflects the people’s own inner emotional state. The negative energy can degrade their value, destroy their confidence, derail their dreams, diminish the imagination and dampen their overall abilities.

Additionally, it can contribute to lots disturbances in family relationships, and even lead to conflict among family members. This situation will usually lead to more anxiety and stress in the people who live in that environment.

So, the key to solving this problem is to limit the amount of negative energy, but the first it should be detected.

Here we will present you a very simple way how to detect the negative energy in your home.

Detect the Negative Energies in Your Home Using a Jar of Water

Probably, many of you have experienced the feeling when you walked into a room and suddenly you know that there is something wrong with your surroundings. It is actually the dark energy you can feel. Or on the opposing, you can experience a place that feels inspirational and light.

The University of Michigan conducted a study, which showed that the people inanimate objects and spices retain energetic residue. This type of the energy can promote healing or sickness, which is depending on the kind of energy (positive or negative).

The scientists claim that the emotional energy can affect the physical world that surrounds the people. Some experiments came to the results of the physical effects of emotions, thoughts, worlds, and music on the crystalline structure of water.

Here we will offer you an experiment, which will help you to find out if there is a negative energy in your home or not!

Negative Energy Water Trap

Ingredients Needed:

– 2 tablespoons white vinegar

– 16 ounces filtered water

– 2 teaspoons granulated salt


1) Add all the ingredients in a glass and mix them well

2) Keep the glass in a place you spend the majority of your time

3) The glass should stand there for 1 day

4) If the salt is rising it captures all of the negative energy in the room

5) When the salt stops, the negative energy is absorbed here, so you can continue cleansing another room.

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