Let’s Quit Brainwashing Kids That It’s A College Degree Or Nothing


Education is defined as an ability to think, apply it in the world and to know the value of life. It is not limited to self-education, but also it is important to spread it to every human around. The experts in this area that it is no end for education, as in every stage of human life we learn something.

Education is about learning life, however, education itself is life, as it is the key to find great characters hidden in every individual.

Many people feel like a “failure” when they didn’t earn good grades because they receive a formal “education or they didn’t graduate with a college degree. However, for everyone is important to know that people who don’t do great in school or don’t go to college are just as valuable and brilliant as anyone who does earn a college degree.

Sometimes parents, teachers, and people from your surrounding might have told you some abusive words, because of your low grades or minimal expectations for your success. We assure you that they were wrong, because the academic achievement, impeccable grammar, or a Ph.D. represents intelligence, while fewer degrees, bad grades, or manual labor professions represent some kind of ‘lower’ intelligence or just a different way of seeing the life. Most of the people with a lower degree are very intelligent, but they simply like their professions and the higher degree is not necessary for them.

An average American public school typically recognizes three types of intelligence Academic achievement:

–           Those who can study well,

–           Those who can memorize information from reading or hearing it, and

–           Those who conform to what various teachers like.

That means that there is no question that students who earn high marks do have terrific brains and an impressive work ethic.

People Are All Geniuses

It may be hard for parents or teachers to realize, but looking deeply beyond the labels of ADD, “disabled,” hyperactive, or “bad at school,” they can see extraordinary untapped genius.

  1. Redefining the ideas of smart, successful, or genius is really necessary when speaking about ordinary people, for example:
  2. The artist is a genius if he intuitively frames, crops, and presents a stunning photograph.
  3. The auto mechanic is genius if he understands what a rotary engine is and knows how to fix it.
  4. Genius can be also the athlete who gracefully runs a 5k or hits a home run.
  5. Daycare provider is genius when he/she patiently soothes and distracts a tantrum-ing toddler.
  6. The woodworker who knows precisely how to cut 90-degree angles and secure them together to build a jewelry box is genius, too.
  7. Genius is the plumber who knows how to repair and install different water stuff.
  8. The spirited child who can make a room full of people laugh is genius, as well.
  9. Genius is the painter, the piano player, the electrician, the dancer, the repairman, the dog trainer, the stay-at-home parent.
  10. You are a Genius, too.

What are Alternatives to College?

There are more options than kids have to fulfill their dreams and enhance their talents today than ever earlier.

  • Kids can be enrolled in an art school and become a master painter, dancer, musician, or designer.
  • Attending a technical school and learn a trade like carpentry or auto mechanics is another option.
  • Numerous certificates instead of degrees and becoming proficient at yoga, coaching, fitness, or hundreds of other niches can be more appropriate for many people than any college degree.
  • Learning on their own and building a business from the get-go, can be a great opportunity to earn money, as so many multimillionaires have done in recent years.
  • They can get an education or learn the lines by working from the bottom up.

There are many other options and opportunities for growth and success.

We Can

We can raise our kids differently from how we were raised.

We can raise our kids to know that there are a thousand different avenues to success and achieving dreams.

We can assure our children to know that they are smart, regardless of their grades or degrees.





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