Let’s Talk About How Disgusting Olives Are


A lot of people will say they hate olives only for one reason – the way they taste. Even if they try to start loving and eating, they can’t ignore those oval fruits that taste like a combination of brine and salt along with a little bit of bitterness.

They all taste similar, even though it can be found in different shapes and colors.

The worst part is their disgusting juices that mix with every food they come in touch with.

People use olives in many kinds of foods such as sandwiches, salads, and even in drinks, like a martini. How did someone come up with the idea that it is good to include an olive in such an enjoyable drink?

And don’t even mention Olive bread! Why would someone ruin the taste of bread with olives?

Luckily, there are many people out there that get sick of the taste of olives. Like this lady, Kate Angus, Buzzfeed Staff, who described why she finds the taste of olives disgusting. The post was overflown with reactions of like-minded who loved to express their hate for the fruit. One user commented:

“I hate olives, but I can accept that there is a place for them. Elsewhere. Far away from me. Crushed under feet.”

Another one said:

“I am so truly happy that this article happened. Finally, the world will know the terrible truth about these salty hell snacks!”

And other people enjoy olives and cannot understand how someone can hate them so much:

“I LOVE olives. When I was a little girl and my parents ran a little small-town grocery store, I would go in for a treat and not choose a candy bar, but a small jar of stuffed green olives. I’d sit down and eat the entire jar of olives and love every bite.  One of my best memories. It took me a while to learn to like black ones though. When I was an adult I found out they were pretty good in salad or on pizza. “

Even if you do not prefer olives, there’s still hope. You can learn to enjoy them. For instance, Puttanesca is a great way to start liking olives. It contains a wide variety of ingredients that mask the taste of olives and olive haters would love it.

Another idea to enjoy olives is by adding them to roasted chicken legs over a bed of fingerling potatoes. Olives will bring the right amount of salty brine which can make them more bearable.

Who So Many People Avoid Eating Olive?

They contain Oleuropein – a glycosylated seco-iridoid which is a type of phenolic bitter compound that can be found in green olives skin, flesh, leaves, argan oil, and seeds. Because it has a bitter taste, the green olives’ skin must be removed before making the olives edible. Olives produce a bitter taste for protection, as it is useful for fending microorganisms and off seed-crunching mammals. For instance, birds avoid bitterness by swallowing whole olives.

When it comes to removing the bitter taste of oleuropein, people immerse them in lye. The term oleuropein stems from the botanical name of the olive tree – Olea europaea.

Olive Oil Benefits

Despite the taste of olives, olive oil doesn’t taste at all like olives and has numerous health benefits.

Olive Oil Can Prevent Strokes in Elderly People

Numerous studies present the idea that olive oil may be associated with a reduced risk of stroke in the elderly. Researchers examined medical records of 7,625 people above 65 from three different French cities – Bordeaux, Montpellier, and Dijon. All of the participants haven’t had a stroke and the assumptions were made based on their use of olive oil. The majority of the participants were prone to choose extra virgin olive oil, as it is widely sold in France. After five years of when the examinations started, there were 148 strokes registered.

The MD director of women and heart disease at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, Suzanne Steinbaum stated:

 “Olive oil is a healthy fat and it can reduce cholesterol and inflammation, and has been shown to help reduce the incidence of heart disease. Now, we see it may reduce stroke risk in people older than 65.”

Olive Oil as Cancer Prevention

Studies have shown that a greater intake of olive oil can prevent from developing cancer. It was found in 19 studies that people who consume a large amount of olive oil lad a lower risk of developing breast and gastric cancer. What stops the process and the life cycle of breast cancer cells are the olive phytonutrients, such as uvaol, oleanolic, and erythrodiol.

Many researchers believe that the large consumption of olive oil in Mediterranean countries is the reason why so little people develop breast or gastric cancer.

Olive Oil Protect From Heat Diseases

Experts confirm that people who consume extra virgin olive oil have a lower risk of heart diseases.

Olive oil can lower blood pressure which is the major reason for heart disease and even death. It can lower inflammation, improve the lining of blood vessels, protects cholesterol from oxidation, and helps in preventing excessive blood clotting.

How To Properly Use Olive Oil

Make sure you use fresh olive oil. Once you buy or start using a bottle of olive oil, you can use it within 3–6 months or less. Avoid buying large bottles of oil for extended usage, as it will lose flavor and antioxidants in time.

After you fried with the oil, do not use it over again. It will reduce nutrition, flavor, and antioxidants if used for a long time.





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