Letting Go Of Someone Is Hard And Painful (But Sometimes It’s The Best Thing You Can Do)


Holding on the relationship with someone who means the world to you, in any case, sometimes is not the best solution for you. Letting go of someone who occupies a special place in your heart, many times, can preserve your happiness, especially if you realize that it is not possible to hold on that relationship, for some reason.

The truth is that it doesn’t happen overnight. It usually occurs after somebody is fully disappointed and hurt several times or after the trust between partners has been betrayed time and time again. It can be as a result of the heart-breaking a thousand times, no matter who had produced it. It occurs when somebody doesn’t respect the given love from the partner, or he/she doesn’t deserve that.

However, some people have hearts of gold and they never lose hope that things will get better. They are many times ready to turn a blind eye to red flags. Those people are trying to make others happy while making their lives miserable. They would devote their time and energy to people who don’t even deserve a second of their attention. Forgiveness and giving second chances to people who don’t deserve to be forgiven is a characteristic of those people.

As the circumstances are changing, all of these painful and negative experiences can get people where they are supposed to be and shape them into the person they’re meant to be.

It always happens that one day, everybody, simply realizes that all the pain experienced wasn’t for nothing. People realize that the energy they invested in their previous relationships wasn’t worthy, which means that they have become strong and wise because of it.

Now, when they know what type of people they need to stay away from and what kind of people deserve a place in their life they can make them happy. Now, people will know who they want to be and where they’re headed in life.

For that reason when you spend plenty of time on changing things and that doesn’t work, and when your mind tells you to let go of someone, no matter how painful this may be for you, you need to LISTEN to it. Be aware that what lies ahead of you is way better than what lies behind you.

At the end remember the words:

–           “You can’t lose what you never had”

–           “You can’t keep what’s not yours” &

–           “You can’t hold to something that doesn’t want to stay.”

Source: curiousmindmagazine.com

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