Life’s too Short to Be Someone You’re Not, So Be Yourself!


Being someone you’re not can be time-consuming so instead of doing it, be yourself. Even if it sounds easy, in this social media-driven world, it’s tempting to change who you are to fit the newest trend. Many people think that they have a fear of missing out when instead, they have a fear of not fitting in.

No matter who you are or how you act, people will still judge the actions of others. So why bother being someone else and acting differently to who you are. This hyper-connected world leaves everything that’s been put out to be judged by other people on the internet.

All of the harsh comments on the internet might get you thinking that there’s something wrong with you and in need of a change. Your amazing outfit might get no Instagram or Facebook likes or your tweet might not get any retweets so there’s something that you’ll have to change about the way you look or the way you think.

Your self-doubt will overtake your thoughts if you let it. You’ll think that your adorable clothes are just junk and need to change with the latest trends. Or maybe you should have used more or different filters on the picture. Your head will fill up with so many ‘maybes’ that will make you lose whoever you are and try your best just to impress someone online.

However, people that follow the latest ‘trends’ are not being themselves but instead, they follow others to tell them what should be worn. A study was made on the “influencers” and their effect on the public by researchers at Inderscience Publishers and found that “most people form an opinion about a given subject when they are exposed to the views of opinion leaders.” These opinion leaders, however, are following the trends that happen in mass media which means that the influencers have their influencers which they follow.

Even though some Tweets on the internet got 10K retweets, 50K Tweets saying the same thing did not get even one retweet. An Instagram photo of a piece of cake might have gotten 150K likes, however, there are millions of pictures with better desserts that don’t have more than 10 likes. For every brilliant post on Facebook that people have seen and liked, there are probably billions of ordinary thoughts and posts that are never shared.

You shouldn’t model who you are and what you think around what social media claims to be the ‘right’ way to think. If you’re trying to be the perfect person that social media claims that everyone should be, then you’re just a bot following a standard that no one can realistically follow completely.

However, it’s not the fault of social media for the desire of fitting in. People have acted that way a long time before the first tweet or status was ever posted. Even Neanderthals have tried to base their personality around whoever was the coolest person at the time and follow whatever they were doing. Humanity always had people that were leaders and people that followed these leaders.

If I were to tell you to be the leader and not the follower, I would defeat the purpose of this article. Me telling you what to do will make you follow my lead, so instead, I will tell you to be whoever you want to be. If you’re up for following the Kardashian trends, do it. Follow whatever trend and influence that you want. Don’t follow the masses just because they go there, but decide by yourself what you want to follow and make your own decisions in life. However, if you want to be the influencer instead of following other influences, do it. Make your clothing style, set your trends that people will follow. Even if no one else is following, be yourself. Be whoever you want to be instead of hearing others and being the person that they want you to be.

However, make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons. Don’t just follow ‘you do you’ trends that are on the internet just to impress other people, but be yourself for yourself.

Life is too short to be the person you’re not, so make sure you’re yourself. Actors are the people that pretend for a living but remember, they get paid for their acting. Are you getting paid for acting like the person you’re not?


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