Lions Eat 3 ‘Rhino Poachers’ After Breaking In To South African Game Reserve (Video)


At least in Africa, poaching is a real concern. There are several endangered animals that, including tusks or horns, are killed for particular parts of their bodies and then left to die.

To patrol the grounds and protect the wildlife, game reserve rangers do their best, but occasionally, they need a little support. That is precisely what they got when a group of rhino poachers were attacked by a herd of lions and killed. So, allegedly, or apparently at this point, a few rhino poachers on a South African game reserve have been mauled to death and eaten by lions, officials claim.

In a lion enclosure in the Sibuya reserve, near the south-east town of Kenton-on-Sea, Rangers discovered the remains of two, probably three, people.

Dogs in an anti-poaching unit reportedly reacted to something unusual on an early-morning patrol on Monday, but it wasn’t until Tuesday afternoon that the lions‘ camp saw a skull. That’s when reserve owner Nick Fox went out with an anti-poaching team to investigate. They also found a high-powered rifle and an ax.

However, when they inadvertently bumped into a pride of lions, their goal was thwarted. These unfriendly tourists were given no kindness by the lions, leaving behind only a few limbs, shoes, and horn-cutting gear.

The scene was not found by rangers until the following Tuesday afternoon. In order to survey the remains, they calmed some of the lions. At least three rhino poachers are identified because they find three pairs of shoes.

If any poachers escaped, the police continued to patrol the area, but this was doubtful based on the fate of the three recovered at the scene.

The rhino population, however, is unfortunately still very much threatened. Between the syndicates of organized crime and the shrinking land available for them to survive on, we must continue to work to save this valuable species.

The desire for rhino horns in Vietnam and China is one of their biggest problems when it comes to poaching rhinos because they consider it to be of grea. Education is a must to make people realize that there are no unique or “magical” features of the rhino horn. If the horns have no more market, then the poaching will stop.


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