Macro Photos of Snowflakes Reveal Impossibly Perfect Designs


Snowflakes are truly wonderful. They are icy, tiny designs which are unique by their shape, really detailed and perfect. Sometimes it’s even hard to believe that they really exist and are not just parts of our own imagination.

The method of the Russian photographer, called Alexey Kljatov

For most people, snowflake photography has been a complex technique, which requires microscopes and other pretty expensive equipment. But there is a macro photographer in Russia who doesn’t share this opinion. He says that after some practice, it can become really interesting, rather easy and totally inexpensive. According to him, if you are interested in capturing amazing images of snowflakes, you just have to go with this very simple method this artist came out with. You just have to possess a shoot camera and lens from an old film camera. It’s about using a simple point and shoot camera taped together with a lens from an old film camera. The effects from using this method are amazing. You can see it yourself!

Image source: instagram/alexey_kljatov

Image source: instagram/alexey_kljatov

Image source: instagram/alexey_kljatov

He’s been doing this for eight winters so far, and he didn’t get tired. Every time he’s even more amazed by their unique structure. Their detailed inner pattern is what makes them so wonderful.

This Russian artist was inspired by a snowflake scientist, called Kenneth Libbrecht. He’s a physics professor and a snowflake photographer. On his website he said:

“A stellar snow crystal begins with the formation of a small hexagonal plate, and branches sprout from the six corners when the crystal grows larger”.

He continues explaining that while the snowflake is moving through the clouds and falling down, it goes through several temperature changes and humidities. Those changes make the arms of it grow a bit differently. The precise path through the clouds is what makes the final shape of this snow crystal. And since all the snowflakes follow different paths through the clouds, all of them look differently and unique.

You can check on his website for further information on the topic!


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