Make Your Own Natural Tick Deterrent


Bugs are everywhere around us, especially when the weather gets warm. Many of these bugs can even bite us.

During the spring and summer, insect repellants are a must. However, these repellants are full of dangerous and unwanted chemicals which do more harm to us than good. Many sprays can cause respiratory issues, skin irritations, coughing, upset stomach, and other additional side effects.

Instead of using these chemical-full repellants, you can make your own. All you need is a few ingredients which are added to common homemade cleaners, fabric softeners, laundry detergents, tile scrubs, and other products.

Instead of using products that are filled with DEET, try the following homemade products and you will never have to use toxins on your skin!

Homemade tick repellent


  • 1 part tea tree oil
  • 2 parts of water

These are all the ingredients that you need. Just add them all in a spray bottle and shake it well. You can use this spray on your socks, shoes, and pant cuffs. This will keep away ticks from you entirely.

If you have pets, do not use the tea tree oil. Instead, use myrrh, peppermint, marjoram, chamomile, cedarwood, lavender, or clary sage.

Homemade all-purpose bug spray


  • 10 drops lavender
  • 1-15 oz. bottle witch hazel
  • 10-12 drops citronella
  • 10-12 drops eucalyptus
  • 10-12 drops lemongrass

First, split the witch hazel into two small bottles. You should keep one of the bottles in your bag, and the other at home. After, add all the oils and shake the bottle well. Additionally, you should shake the content before you use it.

This repellant has a great smell and you can use it anywhere in your house. By using the repellant, you will never see a mosquito in your home again.

However, if you own any pets, you will need to change the ingredients.

Essential oils do wonders in this world. Not only do they contain tons of benefits, but they also help you avoid the chemical-packed products which are toxic to you and the environment.

If you have a mosquito problem, plant lavender in your house or garden. You may also want to plant marigolds or peppermint if lavender doesn’t do the trick.

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