Man Builds $150 Mobile Tiny Home He Can Tow With His Bike


The benefits of simple living are being recognized by many people these days. There’s been a trend that refers to creating tiny homes. However, not everyone enjoys those homes and micro-living.

But those who are cut out for it, would be so happy to find out that micro-trailers have found themselves on the market! People who enjoy in short vacations can afford themselves these high-quality trailers for about USD 3000.

Their biggest advantage is that they weigh less than a thousand pounds. Therefore, they are suitable and compact enough to be towed by smaller vehicles. Anyways, if you find it a bit expensive, then you’ll be impressed by Paul Elkins’ latest creation.

Who is Paul Elkins?

Paul Elkins is a man from Washington, who likes to take it to the extreme. Not only did he build a tiny home, but he decided to put it on wheels. And it’s not just tiny – it’s extremely tiny! One can pull this home with a bicycle!

Elkins was a Boeing employee, but now he’s busy working on creating tiny structures. Those units he creates are associated with transportation, like micro boats, teepees, and pedaled vehicles. Each one of his creations is weatherproof, doesn’t weigh much and they can be taken on the go.

Elkins is a self-taught designer and artist who attended the Burningman art festival for the first time like two decades ago. It was then, when he realized how much his creativity can help him in this field. Ever since, he’s been in love with micro-camping.

He suddenly got the idea and started working on the process of developing his “micro Airstream bike camper”. This Airstream of his is like 6 foot 5 inches long, it’s pretty durable and it weighs no more than 60 pounds.

So it’s really light, which is why it can be towed by a bike! One of his secrets is that he used coroplast plastic recycled campaign designs to make the walls and the floor. And he fastened them with zip ties. Then he used the duct tape to seal joints and to make the trailer waterproof.

People refer to this tiny home as a micro mobile home. It rides along on 20-inch bicycle wheels. The interior of this Airstream includes a small bed, a kitchen area, some drawers and shelves. There’s even a stove and a sink! And all that cost him only $150!

Finding more information about his way of building things

If you are interested, you can visit his website and find a 61-page tutorial which you can download for $20 only. Plans on how to purchase for DIY boats, teepees, dog houses among other things are also available. The tutorials will show you how to build such things from photos, to drawing and instructions. All you need is a conduit blender, basic hand tools and a drill.


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