Man Built A Food Pantry On His Lawn So The Hungry Could Eat. Inspires Town To Do The Same.


By making something good every day, we can try to change the world.

One man from Watertown, New York went to visit the local community college, and he came back inspired. The 46-year-old Roman Espinoza was taking Human Services classes, as he learned that the college cares about the students in need. They had a storeroom where they kept food and other supplies.

Inspired by what he found out, he decided to help the ones in need in his community. On his lawn, he opened a pantry like the one in his college, and he gave it the name “Blessing Box”.

He knew that many hungry and homeless people live in his community and he liked to help them because some of them were always hungry.

By opening this pantry, all the helpless people that need food can come and take something from it. There are many things to be found there such as soup, beans, pasta, and sour cream.

Roman Espinoza keeps the “Blessing Box” opened 24/7 so that everyone can take or give something they want.

Everyone that comes by and all the neighbors can donate food and different necessities that they think can help someone.

In such a case, by helping others it is easy to have peace and harmony in the community because the pantry is made from them to them.

All neighbors approve this decision and they support Espinoza by donating necessary stuff like shampoos, toothpaste, combs and many more.

For the ones that are ashamed to take what they need during the day, they can visit the box in the evening. Instead of being ashamed, people who need help must be encouraged to ask for it every now and then.

The best thing about the box is that no one is expecting anything in return, as the box is made to favor the homeless and the needy.

This community’s mission is to inspire other parts of the town to make their own “Blessing Box”. Espinoza received a few requests from all over Watertown, and they told him they were inspired by this idea and want to make their own box.

There were more than 20 blessing boxes around Watertown last year.

This should be an inspiration for many people. Everyone should try to do something to help the poor and hungry by giving them what they need.

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