Man Catches Huge Fish from a Rainbow Unicorn Floaty


Fishing as an activity or hobby has been around for many years. It has been a big source of food in Prehistoric ages. Through time, people were still enjoying the activity and the tasty food that comes with it.

Deep-sea fishing didn’t exist until the 15th century. However, it wasn’t as popular before the invention of steamboats in the 19th century. With more powerful trawlers, fishermen were able to pull larger nets.

Back in the 18th century, recreational fishing was only available for the wealthy classes. However, with technology advancement, better equipment was produced at a lower cost, giving the chance for middle to lower class people to purchase the equipment.

With different techniques and types of fishing, people are now enjoying their time by the lake, river, and even the sea if they own or rent a boat.

Fishing with a Unicorn Floaty

A video emerged on Facebook of a young man having a great battle with a giant fish on his unicorn floaty. The man was fishing off the coast of Clearwater, Florida, and what better ‘boat’ to ride on than the rainbow unicorn floaty.

Even though Jack Vasileros was able to catch a large tarpon with his fishing hook, he still seemed not intimidating due to the floaty.

His friends were nearby on an actual boat to back him up and load the catch onto the boat. Also, they were able to catch the whole thing on camera. See for yourself:

Posted by Jack Vasilaros on Sunday, June 16, 2019



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