Man Designs An Off-Road “Wheelchair” So That His Wife Can Go Places She Never Imagined, It’s Now Up For Mass-Production


Visiting amazing places across the world is everyone’s biggest dream. Whether it’s beaches, mountains, amusement parks, national parks, etc., everyone wants to visit as much as possible in their life. However, not everyone can. Aside from the costs, some people simply CAN’T reach these places. Generally, the people that can’t visit these places are paralyzed.


The definition of paralysis is the loss of control and strength in a muscle or muscles in a body part. The problem does not lie with the muscles themselves but with the chain of nerve cells that runs through the body. These cells communicate from the brain to the body part and back to the brain, so if there’s a problem between this communication, the brain won’t signal the muscle to move.

There are different degrees and types of paralysis, meaning that the condition can be:

  • Partial – having control of some of the muscles.
  • Complete – no muscle control.
  • Permanent – never gaining control again.
  • Temporary – when the control of the muscles (or just some muscles) comes back.
  • Flaccid – muscles get soft and shrink.
  • Spastic – muscles are tight and can have odd spasms.

But what causes paralysis?

Because muscle movement is controlled by brain signals, if these relay systems (brain, nerves, spinal cord, or junction between nerves/muscles) are damaged in any way, the signal does not go through which results in paralysis. There are different ways that the relay systems can be damaged.

People can be born with paralysis. Spina bifida is a birth defect that happens when the spinal cord, brain, and/or the covering that’s meant to protect them is not entirely formed or deformed. Most of the time, paralysis occurs from a medical condition or accident. Most common causes of paralysis are:

Off-Road Wheelchair

For most of her adult life, Cambry has been suffering from paralysis. The way she gets by is using a wheelchair. Her boyfriend (at the time), Zack Nelson, decided to aid her with her difficulties by combining two electric bikes and adding a seat in the center. His idea worked efficiently and Cambry herself experienced the freedom of the off-road wheelchair. She could overcome obstacles much easier and safer than she could before. She can reach miles without having her shoulders get tired from the wheels of her old wheelchair.

After a year of creating the off-road wheelchair, Zach and Cambry got married and are starting to mass-produce the amazing vehicle. The couple is calling this vehicle ‘Not-a-Wheelchair’ and it’s an incredible name.

The couple claims that people with paralysis have very limited options for an off-roader vehicle. All of these options are very expensive (like buying a car) or are very slow. After putting their heads together, the couple made something that’s both quick and light. Additionally, this ‘Not-a-Wheelchair’ vehicle can go a long way. Creating this off-road vehicle wasn’t easy and as the couple claims, the most difficult process to make this vehicle was the price. Wanting to create something that’s both affordable and works effectively took them some time.


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This machine is not meant to be used indoors. Cambry uses her normal wheelchair for indoors and when she and Zack want to go on a hike or to the park, she uses the vehicle.


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What’s more amazing about this off-road vehicle is that it’s completely silent. You can ride on it and still be able to talk normally with the people next to you.

The Rig was also taken to Hawaii by the couple twice and the testing was successful. The rig needed to be shipped through a freight company a week before they fly. When they get to the destination, it waits for them there.

Because of the COVID-19 situation, the couple couldn’t fly or visit many places across the world but as they say, they’re lucky that they “live near mountains and snow with long wide flat trails to try the bike out on.”

About 2.7 million people that use wheelchairs exist in the U.S. Projection of global growth for the powered and manual mobility market is due to the aging baby boomers and increased longevity. This is why it’s so important to have a cheap and accessible special needs vehicle.


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