Man Who Grew Up Without a Father Makes Videos to Teach Children Basic Household Skills and More


Growing up without a father can have huge psychological effects on children. Fatherless children can have their brain structure permanently altered. In general, children from single-parent families experience more difficulties in life compared to children that have both parents. The U.S. Census Bureau made a statistic that more than one in four children in America grow up without a biological, step, or adoptive father in their home.

Effects Of Growing Up Without A Father

The effects of growing up without a dad can be harsh. The children are more likely to be depressed, aggressive, have low self-esteem, use drugs, do poorly in schools, be incarcerated, and commit suicide. Even though it doesn’t mean that all children experience these effects, the statistics show a majority are prone to them. Out of all high school dropouts, about 70% are children where the father is absent from their life. For girls, they are twice more vulnerable to experience obesity, and four times more likely to become pregnant during their teenage years if the dad isn’t present.

Managing With Fatherless Household

No matter how many more statistics we show, people with no father figures need to protect the well-being from these stories. There are lots of ways that someone can cope with this problem. Expressing your feelings rather than acting out on them is a great way to satisfy your well-being. Just acknowledge your anger and your feelings. Raging quietly is a bad idea since eventually, you’ll put up a front to the world. Finding safe relationships and allowing yourself to express emotions and needs that were not fulfilled in childhood is also good. There are also lots of support groups and counseling that you or your child can follow so be sure to search them out. Finding a good role model or mentor in the community which displays ambition and moral ethics for influencing children is also a positive way to keep the child’s psyche well.

Not everyone without a father figure in their life will be part of some of these ‘statistics’ or end up a bad person with bad choices. One such person, now a father himself, has shown us how he was able to manage himself and wants to help others that have experienced the ‘fatherlessness’ life like him.

The Story of Rob Kenney

Rob Kenney grew up with eight siblings. His parents started falling apart in his early teenage years and got divorced when he was 12. After the divorce, custody of him fell to his father and his mother turned to alcohol after failing to manage with the stress. However, he claims that his father “didn’t really want us,” claiming that he was “done by that time.” After his father abandoned him, Kenney was taken by his 23-year-old brother and his wife. They lived together in a small mobile house and it wasn’t an easy life.

Given his history, Rob made a promise to himself that whenever he has children, he will not do like his parents did. He promised himself that he will raise his children to be good adults.

Right now, Rob is married and a proud father to two children of his own. These children are already grown up. His daughter Kristine is a 27-year-old that works with children and is highly educated whereas his boy Kyle works as a software engineer.

Dad, How Do I?

After giving their children a good life and mentored them the right way, Rob did not want to stop. About a month ago, he created a YouTube account with the help of his daughter and started making How-To videos. The videos that he shares are advice on how to do everyday tasks, or ‘Dadvices’.

This YouTuber’s dad walked out on his family when he was 12 years old. Now that he’s a father of his own two adult…

Posted by Chris Hart on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Leaving something behind for people and children that struggle with dysfunctional families or absent parents was Rob’s goal and he achieved it. His YouTube channel started growing fast every day. At the moment, Rob’s channel ‘Dad, How Do I?’ has more than 1.77 million subscribers while his videos gain from about 100 thousand to 1.3 million viewers. His most-watched video is the ‘THANK YOU’ one that he shared to show his appreciation for the virality that his story received.

Kenney says that the idea for the channel was to help people with everyday tasks as well as “pass along some of the wisdom I’ve learned along the way to encourage people.” However, his channel became something more.

The videos that he posts vary from ‘How to tie a tie’ (his first video posted on April 2), checking the oil in the car, ironing a dress, shaving, changing tires, and much more.

There has been lots of support and responses to his videos from people that don’t or didn’t have a normal relationship (or any) with their fathers. The videos that Rob posts have brought some of these commenters in tears and reminded them of their dad. It’s amazing how one person online can become a father figure to someone and that’s exactly what Rob hoped to spread.

You can also expect some dad jokes being thrown somewhere through his videos, but hey, what’s a father with no dad jokes. Let us know what you think of this amazing dad and his videos.


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