Marijuana Tampons Are Here To Save You From Period Cramps


Huge amounts of pain and muscle cramps are just some of the symptoms that women face during their menstrual cycle.

In order to relieve these symptoms, a company called Foria has made cannabis vaginal suppositories and many women in the world would be happy to get their hands on these tampons.

These tampons are cannabis-laced and contain CBD (10mg) and THC (60mg), which are the two active cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana. These components soothe the pain, relax the nerves and muscles, and release chemicals in the brain that makes you happy.

Women who have experienced these tampons claim their effectiveness. However the purchasing of the product is the tricky part since you will need to join Foria’s collective and depending on the state, and additionally, the person will need to submit an application with a physician’s recommendation letter.

A pack of these tampons costs $44 and there are four tampons per pack.

According to Foria’s official website, many women that have tried the product have commented and have stated that the product provided them with relief from menstrual and pelvic discomfort.

The tampons Foria Relief will deliver the calming benefits of full-spectrum cannabis exactly to the place that it’s most needed and create almost no psychoactive effects.

Additionally, they have been independently tested for purity and have been proven to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, microbes, and other toxins.

It is a great possibility that we can finally say bye to all of the menstrual cramps and pains.



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