Maternal Grandmothers Are So Important For A Child. Here’s Why


Grandmother’s love towards her grandchildren is undoubtedly unconditional. Maternal and paternal grandmother as well, shows her special love and appreciation towards her grandchildren in her very own and unique way.

However, there are some theories that suggest that maternal grandmother should be the top of the love chain when talking about family hierarchy. The real question here is: Should we accept those theories? And if we do, wouldn’t it be a bit disrespectful towards the other grandmother?

Scientific theories that support the idea that there is quite a strong bond between maternal grandmother and their grandchildren.

There is something known as the X-chromosome connection. And that’s the base of one of the theories which claims that there is a difference in the way maternal and paternal grandmothers are connected to their grandchildren.

Paternal grandmothers pass on one of their X-chromosomes only to their granddaughters. Therefore, it makes them 0% X-related to their grandsons and 50% X-related to their granddaughters. While maternal grandmothers are known to have 25% X-relatedness to both of them, their granddaughters as well as their grandsons.

Another theory is based on something called “paternal uncertainty”. It implies that male members of the family may not always be certain that they are raising their own children, considering the fact that they don’t give birth themselves. In the long run, it may affect the overall engagement of paternal relatives, including grandmothers.

Therefore it my decrease the involvement in the caretaking behavior towards the offspring. Talking about the same point of view, since the woman is the one giving birth to her own child, she can always be sure who she is bringing up. Thus, it is one other thing that makes the matrilineal connection the strongest in the family from generation to generation.

The grandmother hypothesis

This hypothesis suggests that all grandchildren find their early childhood memories including any of their grandmothers, beneficial. Therefore, the theory that either grandmother should be the favorite does not seem to be sufficiently supported. That’s because none of the studies have provided us with clear or consistent evidence, despite the DNA being closer.

Nevertheless, developing a great and meaningful relationship with either grandparent comes with a great privilege. Those relationships encourage our lives, inspire us and precipitate our accomplishments. They help us develop spiritually and emotionally too.

And maybe, it’d be a wonderful idea if we live with all those blessings while any of our grandparents are still around.



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