McDonalds is Turning Dozens of Roadside Billboards into ’Bee Hotels’ in Sweden


Billboards are generally used by companies to market their own product, however, McDonald’s in Sweden started to use their signs in different ways.

This gigantic restaurant chain started drilling holes in their billboards so that they can help honeybees get shelter. The population of honeybees grows lower day by day so this thoughtful idea of a big company is welcome.

Additionally, the branch of the company belonging to Sweden is partnering up with an outdoor advertising firm called JCDecaux and together they plan to attach small bee houses on the backs of roadside billboards that are unused.

McDonald’s used tiny structures to help pollinators before as well. Aside from a couple of Swedish branches that built beehives on the rooftops of their restaurants, the company had an auction for a fully-functioning beehive which was built inside of the smallest McDonalds in the world in May.

This McDonald’s restaurant was called the “McHive” and was built by Nicklas Nillson, an award-winning set designer. It was auctioned off for more than $10,000 which was entirely donated to a charity.

Currently, McDonald’s is working together with the same designers for implementing and producing as many “bee hotels” as they can.


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