Meet Bowie, Simply The Coolest Rescue Kitty


On social media, you can find tons of photos and videos of kittens. But not all of them are Internet stars. In the meantime, on little kitten named Bowie after the famous musician David Bowie, became a social media sensation.

As he was abandoned in 2018, a Spanish veterinarian’s office took the poor beautiful cat in. soon after he was rescued, he found his forever home in Maria Lloret’s house, who felt in love with his astonishing eyes.

One of his eyes is green and the other one is blue, which makes him a subject of admiration. That’s why Bowie quickly became a celebrity.

He was named after the eccentric musician because of his unique eyes. Lloret couldn’t be happier after she adopted Bowie, and soon after their adventures began.

He seemed excited when he arrived in his forever home.

His sassy and yet sweet personality makes him loveable. As he likes to play around the house, he isn’t bothered to be caught on camera while being silly.

Bowie lives with his owner in Alicante, Spain. In late 2018, Maria started posting pictures of the fluff ball, and to her surprise, he gained fans from all over the globe!

Maria created an Instagram profile in December 2018, and soon after the odd-eyed cat gained over 30,000 followers.

Maria is an advocate for animal adoption, and she believes that his adorable photos will raise awareness of the importance of adopting.

She created a blog dedicated to their adventures that can be read in both Spanish and English.


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