Meet Thor, The Most Beautiful Bengal Cat In The World!


Cats are one of the most kept animals as pets. They are placed second on the list of most popular pets across the world falling behind to the freshwater fish. Most of us think that there is an infinite number of cat breeds across the world. However, there are less recognized cat breeds compared to dog breeds.

Cat Breeds

To see how many cat breeds there are in the world, you will have to look into different sources. However, many of these sources have different information depending on their list of qualifications for acceptable breeds.

If you look into Encyclopedia Britannica, you will see that they list only fifteen breeds of cats. However, the International Cat Association recognizes seventy-one different breeds. The International Cat Association contains the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed cats.

Other well-recognized sources, registries, and associations usually list a number of cat breeds between these two numbers.

Thor, The Bengal Cat

One of the most beautiful cat breeds around the world is the Bengal cat. These cats look just like an exotic pet; however, they don’t have the size or danger that wild cats do. The breed is created by crossing small Asian Leopard Cats with domestic cats in a breeding program in 1963.

The Bengal cat is a large-boned cat with short hair and its coat is known for its marbled or spotted stripes that can have different varieties of colors. The coat can vary from golden, brown, rust, sand, buff, ivory, and orange color. Compared to its coat, the spots can have rust or cocoa and charcoal/black to chocolate brown colors. Its breed was recognized in 1991 by the International Cat Association.

Thor, the Bengal cat is one of the most beautiful cats in the world. This majestic creature captivates everyone that sees it with its emerald green eyes and sandy color fur. After its pictures appeared online, people have gone crazy for the cat. Thor almost looks like a miniature Bengal tiger and it’s adorable.

Because Bengal cats are very intelligent, active, and curious, his owner Rani Cucicov feels as he’s Thor’s servant. Bengals want lots of attention and interaction. If you’re getting a Bengal cat and plan on being away from home for most of the day, then you should reconsider. Bengal cats will take things apart and see how they work and will open drawers and cabinets to find food or new toys to keep themselves entertained.

However, Rani is not discouraged with the needy attitude of Thor. He claims that whatever attention and love he gives to his cat is re-payed back double. Rani claims that the cat is very lovable and talks all the time. Aside from that, it’s very fun to be around such an active cat.

Bengal cats love people and will try to do anything to get their attention. Because they are very intelligent, they will figure out something that you don’t want them to do and they’ll continue to do it to get your attention.

These cats require trees or window perches to jump and climb on because they adore climbing. Keep that in mind before getting a Bengal. Rani confirms this because he’s seen Thor climbing on the walls for several minutes before going to bed.

Thor also loves checking on the door when visitors come and ring the bell. If Thor likes the visitors coming over, he will meow.

Just like other Bengal cats, Thor’s personality is domineering as if he’s a tiger. He expects to be treated as a tiger even though he’s just a tiny adorable fluff who also gives love and affection to close people.

Bengals usually grow up to be medium-to-large cats and can weigh 15 pounds and more.

Even though every cat has its personality, most Bengal cats get along with other pets such as dogs. Consider getting a Bengal if you have older children who will enjoy playing with the cat.

Bengal cats are pretty expensive. If you are thinking of purchasing a Bengal kitten, you should expect to pay about $370 to $6,300. The price difference is so big when you take specific sub-breeds and pedigrees into consideration.

And that’s just the beginning. You’ll also have to spend tons of money on vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, food, and equipment such as toys that will help this active cat entertained.


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