Mobile Tiny Home Comes With A Detachable Green House


With their newest project, Olive Nest Tiny Homes are trying to demonstrate how someone can live a minimalist lifestyle and still feel comfortable and luxurious at the same time.

Many people around the world are showing their interest in tiny houses. However, many people are still skeptical about the design style and the capabilities of the house. Years go by and more and more plans and designs are being created that will make these small houses just as comfortable as the full-sized ones,

The model on the pictures and videos, known as “Elsa”, usually sells for about $81,000.

The house is about 323 square feet in the main area. However, that does not have the add-on of the attached pergola trainer and greenhouse (85 square feet), resulting in about 410 square feet of land.

This house is perfect for having an out of town, off the grid weekend somewhere. It also has:

  • 4 glass panel front door,
  • Gray standing seam metal roof,
  • Matching siding,
  • Full-size gas range,
  • Oven with marble countertops,
  • A separate trailer pergola and
  • A deck with porch swing and wraps around planters.

The greenhouse can stock your entire garden and it will have enough space to store your yearly amount of vegetables.

During nights, this tiny house looks exactly like a real log cabin. City Lab made a report that people who lived in these tiny homes adopted a greener lifestyle.


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